The JADE thread!

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  1. Thank you Beadweaver! Good to know! Currently I'm obsessing over this 18k gold bangle on Etsy :heart: I bought a Ring in a similar design from this seller to wear on my right hand (where my lavender bangle is) and I'm thinking of adding this bangle to the stack, but have to save a little.. patience ;) [​IMG]
  2. I really like how you combine the rings with the bangles!
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  3. #19308 Jul 14, 2019
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    A few little jelly spots upon my fav bangle.
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  4. Thanks FraBa! You never know what I’ll find until I go digging around lol. I was surprised how well they matched.

    Love that gold bangle, It’s very nice piece!
  5. Happy Sunday Jadies! I am still shopping my collection. Found this thin jadeite bangle and a couple pieces to match. I hope everyone is doing well :smile:
    These pictures never load in order for some reason.

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  6. I love all the stacking ideas. Yellow gold is especially rich with jade and most gems, really. I mostly have silver/white or rose gold and mixing two metals at once is usually my limit, but lately yellow gold is really calling to me.

    @cyaniderose, I dream of having a jade collection large enough to "shop!" I'm still early in my jade collecting days, so maybe one day I'll get there, lol. It's nice to see pieces that match each other so nicely.

    Beautiful pops of lavender in this one! :smile: It does have a sweet hard candy sort of look.
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  7. Hi mintea! Thanks so much! My addiction was pretty bad for jadeite when I first got into jade. Now it’s nephrite. Ugh It never ends does it? I don’t mind at all, but my wallet does ;)
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  8. Hi Jadies! Hetian today, It’s not really a sister bangle but more like a cousin. From the same area but not as white as pi, I love them together :smile: Enjoy your day!

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  9. Beautiful!
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  10. Love the dendrite Hetian bangles on you. Those two make a nice set together.
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  11. It came! It's so translucent, I'm very happy with it.

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  12. I can see why this one is a favourite of yours Molly
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  13. I love the dendrite flecks . Looking beautiful as always C Rose!
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  14. Wow this fits you perfectly! What is the thickness of your bangle? I love the gorgeous blue green hues in this.
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  15. Thanks. This one has quite a story. It was shipped to me in error when purchasing back in 2014. Upon realizing that a mix-up had occurred, I was asked to ship it on to the correct purchaser (who by the way happened to be a poster here at the time.). The one I had purchased was an inferior bangle and I so wanted to keep the one I had received in error. But I did the right thing as requested and forwarded it on to the rightful owner. (Sob!). Well, a few years later I noticed that bangle was listed for sale on Etsy by that same lovely lady and asked if she would sell it to me and ship to Canada. Her reply was that she did NOT shop to Canada. ( Sob again!).
    But then . . . can you imagine my delight when I later received it as a gift? :smile:.
    To this day it makes my heart smile when I think of such kindness!
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