The JADE thread!

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  1. Your bangle does glow on you and I love the how you paired a dainty gold bangle to tie in with the gold hinge. What size and thickness is your bangle? It’s beautiful on you Beadweaver.
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  2. Your Jadeite pendant looks watery - is the bead nephrite? The vibrant green looks amazing with the soft buttery white bangle.
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  3. Love how your ring and bangle match each other!
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  4. Hi, Thanks! The hinged jade bangle is 53mm inner and 7.5mm width.
    The thin gold bangle is 2-3mm. So both of them are pretty delicate. I have a diamond bracelet that I plan to throw into the mix that I think will look good all together.

    I can fit this size because it opens with the clasp. I usually wear a 56-57 solid bangle.
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  5. I have this one coming too, from the same vender. I'll post pictures when it gets here.
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  6. Whoops , forgot the picture. Here it is.

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  7. Thanks so much 2BJM! I love this pendant! I think the bead is jadeite, I couldn’t find one to match closer, so I tried to match my other bangle :smile: Thsanks again.

    Thanks Smokie Dragon! This posted before I finished my post. Sorry SD. I went digging and got lucky. I really need to wear more of my jadeite pieces, But nephrite has my hooked ;)
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  8. This one is amazing too! I need to look for a hinged bangle, because I really love the gold accents :smile:
  9. I really wish this could fit me. Enjoy the jade candy and have a nice weekend, Jadies! upload_2019-7-12_20-23-44.png
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  10. I feel it looks like a candy under natural sunlight... have a lovely weekend jadies.

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  11. Happy weekend, everyone! :biggrin:

    Oh, this wasn't there 2 nights ago when I ordered my White Hetian. Anyway, too small for me too - I mean I can fit it but it wouldn't be as effortless as my 57.x - 58s hehe! :biggrin:
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  12. Hi SmokieDragon, I'm glad to hear another white Hetian did come along!!! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives :loveeyes:
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  13. Thanks so much! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it :biggrin:
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  14. I am so trying not to buy it that one too. Ugh I have to be good, I purchased a different one from her and two white hetian bracelets from a different seller. I have to be strong but I want it too!

    SD congratulations! I am glad to know who got that beauty! I can’t wait to see mod shots!
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  15. Thanks so much! I can't wait to receive it :biggrin:
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