the JADE thread!

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  1. Welcome gelatolover, glad you are joining us. Here is a picture of my jade button that I had made to match my blue bangle. Couldn't find an exact color match but this is the closest match I could find.

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  2. Lucky you went back, they are a gorgeous pair. You were so lucky.

  3. Can't stop staring at them. If I were you I would probably grab both too! LOVE.
  4. Uli, Lovely.
  5. Jade4me & Gelatolover - welcome!

    Jade4me - it is hard to tell from the pics if your bangles are A or B grade but they are very pretty nonetheless.
  6. Thanks, Silvermom & Druzy. I'm glad I went back to the shop too, lol
  7. Uli - Maureen looks beautiful!
  8. Welcome Jade4Me and Gelatolover!
    Jade4Me, beautiful bangles!
    Gelatolover, which gelato do you prefer? Vanilla, Tiramisu, Pistachio.... ?;)
    Could you post your donut?
  9. Thank you, SilverMom ( episode 72 :cool:) and BnG!!
  10. Gelato, donut in hoop:

  11. Good morning! Just a quick hi before jetting off to work.

    Here's my set from yesterday. The plastic works very well from keeping the jade from knocking into each other and contributes to a very casual look. I have 4 colors of these... the purple, a blue-green, a peach/pink, and a pink-with-white-stars. lol Fun!

  12. uli, love the carved jade bangle!
  13. It gets really exciting as you go along. Sad it ended.
  14. Gorgeous.
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397674587.656965.jpg

    Saw this pic online. Reminds me of Dynasty's Nirvada! :smile:
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