the JADE thread!

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  1. Kitty, they are very beautiful ( but Nirvana is the most beautiful )!! :balloon:

    Dynasty : :wave::flowers:
  2. SilverMom, I love your blue jades!
  3. Junkenpo, very cool!:supacool:
  4. Omigosh... claire,
    I have been eyeing that bangle at Jojo -- in my size, my dream bangle really. Unfortunately not in my budget. I showed it to hubby last weekend, too.

    Anyhow, ladies...
    I've been sick since the weekend so haven't been around. Have been enjoying your postings and lovelies though.

    Back to bed now.
  5. Get well soon , Ski!!:hugs:
  6. Gelatolover : Hello! We talk about all sorts of jade so I think it's not off topic at all to ask about jade settings! I've actually been looking for some donut setting ideas as well as I will have some necklaces to set soon, so I'd love to see what people have!

    Here's the necklace I wear all the time... it's gotten a bit beat up over the years so I suggest you get something sturdier in gold content. :biggrin:

    The other 2 are settings that I've saved that I really like.

    Jade4me: Welcome! Claire is our resident expert and in my humble, far-less-educated opinion, I think she's right in that the green striped bangle might be grade B. Have you tried shining a uv flashlight through it to see if it fluoresces? Or have you noticed the surface of the bangle pitting and getting dull? I noticed my B bangle did that after a few years. If you check the jade gallery thread, Faith has posted some good photos of what the surface of a B bangle will look like over time.

    I feel like that seller's bangle prices are a far too low for the quality he's selling to be grade A....

    Attached Files:

  7. Oh, please don't tell Silver Mochi that. You two are so meant to be with each other. :heart:
  8. Thank you, Uli xie-xie!
    My kids are home from school and sick or not, I need to help them with homework.
    Have been watching Empress Ki, too these past few days.

  9. Thanks Uli. Also the ending of Legend is so awesome.
  10. LOL He knows he will never be homeless. That is why he is so sassy.
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397688872.232961.jpg
    Stretchy jade bracelet from Morocco.

  12. Ohh is your son involved in performing arts?

    Haha yes the Mochis are brats indeed.

  13. Thanks for the encouragement Claire!
  14. He was in technical production. He was there for three years then did not continue. Bummers after all the money we paid. LOL
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