Scarves ........ The Hermès Spring/Summer 2020 Scarves..........

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  1. Looks like Caleche Elastique... which, strangely enough, I was wearing today!
  2. That’s what I was thinking too.
  3. Yes! Calech Elastique - thanks for the correction! I'll go into hibernation now until the scarves hit the shops which will be in at least 2 months time in my neck of the woods.
  4. Another one to cross off the list for me, then. I bought one horse-y scarf this season (Garde Robe Pop) and have my eye potentially on two more (La Cite Cavaliere and Pegase Paysage) I have sworn to not buy any more scarves after that with horses, carriages or equestrian themes!
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  7. Yes, that’s very possible.
  8. Okay! Elated! Not crazy about any of these, except the Savanna Dance, and I have two already....this means I needn’t feel too bad about the many scarves I bought this year, and last. Or my resale purchases, as I find Hermes is trending in a sort of “mashup” style that I do not appreciate. One or two per season is fine, but these polka dotted, defaced older designs are not creative, or innovative. They should get back to cultivating their present and newer artists, in my view...of course it’s only my view. It may cost more for the copyright of the image, than printing polka dots or flowers over a traditional image that they have already acquired, but it maintains the quality, and integrity of the brand and also shows respect for the original work of art on which they built their brand. if they don’t love and respect their designs, why should the public...? I don’t like a moustache on the Mona Lisa. I can buy a print and do that myself....
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  9. My pleasure! Was just inspecting that one too! Looks like a fun scarf. Hoping for a closer pic soon.
  10. I got the same felling as you. I haven’t wear all of them yet!
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  11. @Angelian Thank you for captured that, how kind of you!
    The design is kind of a mix styles of Vincent van Gogh and Pierre Marie to me.
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  12. Yes, you are right, Starry Night by Pierre Marie :lol:
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  13. I know! I was so disappointed to see them and Tigre Royale.
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  14. There seem to be a lot of reissues for the Spring season.
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  15. OMG giraffes! I loooove giraffes!
    And - that red/blue color combo that I fell head over heels for last season (SS 2019) seems to be back...
    Not good for my wallet, but at least it looks like it’s a 90, not 140...right? :shocked:
    Thank you so much for posting this @Angelian :flowers:
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