Scarves ........ The Hermès Spring/Summer 2020 Scarves..........


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Apr 9, 2015
OMGG!! Thank you so much for starting this thread, @Angelian! I'm hoping that a Cosmographia shawl will pop up. These photos are awesome especially the C'est La Fete. Omg. I hope it's a 140! :loveeyes:
:yw: You’re welcome. My wallet hopes the C’est la Fête isn’t a 140/CSGM! :giggle:
I’m wishing for it to be a men’s 100cm cotton/silk. :pray: Hopefully I’ll have more intel soon.

Wow C'est la fete! The men's scarves are awesome
Oh wow! Thank you @Angelian for the sleuthing!

I'm loving the look of those men's designs... Not too long to wait now...
:yw: My pleasure! Almost always prefer the men’s scarves over the women’s. Early days, but for now no exception here. :tup:

OMG, I'm never ready for the new season thread lol! Thank you @Angelian !!
:yw: Always ready to see new beauties, even if I don’t have to own them myself. :rolleyes: