Scarves ........ The Hermès Spring/Summer 2020 Scarves..........

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  1. Here we go, first images from various IG sources! :woohoo::party:

    58E6E393-6768-458B-8BC2-493DBEF9EBFF.jpeg 748767F7-8667-4DBF-AA27-D9F8DE0B5364.jpeg 775BF454-63D3-4F7A-A94E-F7EFDCADBF81.jpeg D5A9F404-3889-4483-986F-B31C6336DB3A.jpeg 068BF7DC-C37F-4012-8EE4-9863BA11C0E6.jpeg EA6A0DD1-62D6-4210-9E76-65C3B1975256.jpeg 43990AA7-AF8F-49F1-92C2-9BAB065B172D.jpeg 95B5668D-B1E9-4CCD-BC26-6ECD2BA4E525.jpeg 3B8BEC12-A42E-4783-AF65-E281C44BA5A0.jpeg AE9530E2-CBC6-4C41-A70C-3D26F96104FB.jpeg
  2. :woot::woot::woot:
  3. Contains short videos, hope it works:

  4. OMGG!! Thank you so much for starting this thread, @Angelian! I'm hoping that a Cosmographia shawl will pop up. These photos are awesome especially the C'est La Fete. Omg. I hope it's a 140! :loveeyes:
  5. Wow C'est la fete! The men's scarves are awesome
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  6. (credit IG: estimation_media)

    CA7AA5AE-1BA1-45A5-A27E-C0640B0ECC6E.jpeg A70227B8-6FCF-43FF-8D72-1375631A4785.jpeg 8579C20D-33DD-4355-8221-6C3FAF7CFE3A.jpeg F085C7D8-F16B-452F-AA30-70370F4290FF.jpeg E007E913-9391-40C0-8139-C053BDBCA330.jpeg
  7. Oh wow! Thank you @Angelian for the sleuthing!

    I'm loving the look of those men's designs... Not too long to wait now...
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  8. Brides de Gala scarves?? :facepalm:
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  9. OMG, I'm never ready for the new season thread lol! Thank you @Angelian !!
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  10. This is a double sided scarf, one side is French and the reverse is English. There will also be another design that is double sided. ;)
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  11. :yw: You’re welcome. My wallet hopes the C’est la Fête isn’t a 140/CSGM! :giggle:
    I’m wishing for it to be a men’s 100cm cotton/silk. :pray: Hopefully I’ll have more intel soon.

    :yw: My pleasure! Almost always prefer the men’s scarves over the women’s. Early days, but for now no exception here. :tup:

    :yw: Always ready to see new beauties, even if I don’t have to own them myself. :rolleyes:
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  12. 3CBE239F-F261-435C-8F87-053E956A2FBA.jpeg

    (Apologies for the blurry pic.)
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  14. 246C63F3-7974-4EE9-8517-4957A1B5EAD9.jpeg