Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. :nuts::nuts::nuts::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::drinks:

    So very excited to see some of the new scarves. SS2019 was a bust for me.

    That Alice Shirely scarf is stunning.
  2. Goodness, already lol?! I have yet to purchase my SS scarves! The men's collection looks amazing! That dragon losange!! And La Cite... :love:
    Thank you so much for posting @Angelian :flowers:
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  3. I know every season everyone complains that Hermès keeps making BdG in all sorts of crazy variations, but I have to say, this one really takes the cake!
  4. Hi there , do u hv instagram? Thanks
  5. Thanks Angelian, the appetiser was delicious!
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  6. So wonderful to savor sans calories given the saying through the lips onto the hips.
  7. It's that time of year again, how exciting!

    I'm loving what I'm seeing so far, colours seem a little more punchy than typical FW and another Alice Shirley creature!!! Let's place bets on SSS20's beast.
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  10. Thanks for the intel and pictures.

    Other than Alice Shirley‘s new print, nothing caught my eye. Unfortunately I have been feeling same for the past three seasons. The women’s scarves are drafting away from what H silk used to represent to me, classic, artistic prints and out-of-world color palette. Good for my wallet, though.
  11. They've also apparently hit on a formula for the men: one closeup of an animal face, one closeup of a machine. LOL.
  12. I have liked some of the designs but the colour family thingy...I just don’t like.
  13. :::::SQUEEEEE::::

    I swear my face lit up and my heart stopped as I started looking at this thread. I'm eager, yay new scarves! I fell hard for the Jungle Love exceptional even though I can't bring myself to buy it so this may be the perfect opportunity.
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  14. My sentiments exactly , it’s very dull.
    I love graphic scarves and admire the more fun busy ones like Animopalis, but it’s not much work for the H laser print machine!
    Thinking of those older more painterly designs with lots of shading and fine detail, I did find them harder to wear ; they were more ladylike and I’m more into androgyny. But they should still be available.
    What we need from H is more variety of design types , colour palettes and less mashups and riffs on B de G
    ( And I’m a diehard B de G fan , but ......)
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  15. Yes! A wider variety of designs would be awesome! And I find it difficult to understand why there is a need for colour families when laser printing is employed...I thought they introduced laser printing to cut down on the use of colours, but since they use less now, why have colour families? :shrugs:
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