Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. OK I need this. Can't wait to see more CWs.
  2. YES! I stopped buying 90's a few years ago since I can't wear them. I frame them and use as art. This one might need to be framed and added to the collection!
  3. SAME! This would be my 4th framed Hermes scarf and my guest room has the perfect spot for it to go.
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  4. I am hoping for a bright CW in this one :smile: thanks for sharing!
  5. WOWOW! Thanks... The men’s 100 is POW... and now that CW Is on my list.
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  6. Loving this one too!!! Thanks Angelian, fabulous photos. Very excited for FW 2019.
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  7. Thank you! I may yet end up with my first men’s scarf. And the Jan Bajtlik design will certainly be an auto-buy.
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  8. Love!!!:loveeyes:
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  9. Women’s:

    417C6DA6-D3EC-4BE5-96DD-A81C8A0852BA.jpeg 5F8320DA-C4ED-49BA-8D5C-CDBC0B978A4C.jpeg 8C58650A-2D34-4267-9316-D3D934985859.jpeg E6E41A1E-D78E-4903-B03B-7DBB96A5E014.jpeg 3BEF9FB5-9FAD-4252-913F-5108F7771E20.jpeg 28ABB433-CBC9-4226-8868-5A22445BFC26.jpeg FE9F7618-EF6E-4B4F-9F47-4139A02AFFBE.jpeg

  10. Men’s:

    DBF0D514-8913-4D43-A7F4-F135CC04BD41.jpeg 1FD62CBA-8230-4759-AB63-B9493AC1FD12.jpeg CF92B58B-141F-4FE8-B433-F51CF2D45C77.jpeg AE968A68-75EB-46FD-A5D2-9EACC82E61F3.jpeg
  11. Thank you, Angelian. Very excited for 2019 FW collections. It’s time to start saving money...
  12. Definitely under my wish list #1 and BDG for #2
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  13. That new Jan Bajtlik scarf will be MINE! Cannot wait!
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  14. Thank you so much Angelian!!!
    You beat me to it. I saw some of those pictures on IG but was wondering whether a new intel thread would be wise now that we now that the H police is keeping an eye on this forum.
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