Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. Hahaha I don’t care about the H police. These pics are all out in the open. What else is the point of holding press days?! Please post pics if you’ve seen more than what I have been able to find! :flowers:
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    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
    Thank you @Angelian! Adding names of the silks:

    Bride de Gala Shadow
    Garde Robe Pop

    Jungle Love Rainbow

    La Pattiserie Francaise
    Boucles et Galons du Tsar
    Ex Libris Les Parisiennes de Kiraz

    Nothing but a Dreamer
  3. Isn’t that dragon losange fabulous? It’s called Dragon Flash and is designed by Daiske Nomura, cashmere/silk. It’s one of my must haves!
    The blue scarf Nothing but a dreamer is designed by Anne-Margot Ramstein.
    I suggest you start saving too, be warned it’s a great season.
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  4. These are worth waiting for, Angelian. Thank you for posting images of them for all of us, here. The artistry is quite extraordinary.
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  5. I just posted on the RTW thread going to need everything that is dragon related. Don't know how I am going to style the losange but its on the must buy list.[emoji3]
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  6. I must say that I am not "dragon-deprived", and I am probably at risk of looking too "dragoney" if I wear too many at once! LOL. I have several John Hardy Naga necklaces, cuffs and rings. It is just wonderful to see dragons on scarves, too! I really enjoy looking at them. I plan to drape that losange right around my neck over a gray or navy sweater or shirt-- with or without any other dragons.
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  7. Ooooh, love this one! Can’t wait to see what other cws it comes in. Ever so slightly reminds me of my beloved Regarde Paris scarves! Thanks so much for posting these pix and getting us started!!
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  8. That means I can wear my cake and eat it, too!!!!:biggrin:
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  9. Oh, thanks for post8ng! FW looks more Interesting to me than the SS scarves. And a 70! Do we know if the 70 will be soft vintage silk?
    And those men’s scarves!
    Luckily I only bought one scarf from SS!
    Surprising that some of these CWs read more SS than FW to me.
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  10. I share the same thoughts and am pleased because the darker FW color palettes rarely work for me, so while the designs are nice, I have had to pass and sit out. I've noticed that there's also a darker color palette for SS designs as well for the current season, so perhaps H is finally coming to their senses and offering colors that can be worn year round given that their silk revenue hasn't been growing to their liking. ;)

    That aside, just want to reiterate my absolute love for Bride de Gala. Hermes, can you please rest this design already? :rolleyes: Okay, great, thanks, cheers, bye. :P
  11. :lol: Yes, I can't agree with you more regarding another Brides de Gala! :rolleyes: Especially when there are so many other classic designs that could be revived! :shrugs:
  12. OT but I have dragon pajamas! Will go perfect with the necklace and scarf!
  13. :loveeyes: :loveeyes: :loveeyes: Pegase Pop!!!!

    The Dragons are coming!!!! :loveeyes:
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  14. That's what I thought when I saw it!!! :heart:
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