Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. I need that dragon losange !
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  2. Love the colours in the new design by Jan Bajtlik, other than that none of the new scarves grabs me so far. Sorry!
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  4. :roflmfao:Even better!!:roflmfao:
  5. yyeeesss! and one of them will be calorie free! :roflmfao: (notice I didn't say guilt free....)

    Did anyone say if the Dessert scarf Pierre Marie?
    Thank you for posting so much info @Angelian!
  6. My pleasure bunnycat! Yes La Pâtisserie Française is by Pierre Marie.
    And Garde-Robe Pop is by Gianpaolo Pagni.
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  7. TY @Angelian ! I really like PM! Maybe they'll do a pocket square of it, which would be perfect for that design...only a small hope though...
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  8. No pocket square, at least not this season. It would indeed be perfect as a gavroche, fingers crossed for a future season. :tup:
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  9. Agree 100%. FW looks to be very colorful. All the money I saved frome SS will be spent on FW.
  10. @Angelian,

    And what a promising start it is! I am already getting the warm and fuzzies for FW19.

    Some great pops of colour and neutrals...La Cité Cavalière is right up my alley (the CW shown is gorgeous, already on the wish list). The men's selection is also enticing...

    ...Apparently, this is what my future looks like...

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: You’re very welcome!
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  13. I'm not feeling it so far. But that's what I think at the beginning of every season, then ...... S-S-S-SLIDE! Especially once we start seeing mod shots. Looking forward to seeing the season reveal itself. Thank you so much for this intel @Angelian!
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  14. @Angelian: thank you for your posts and pictures! I appreciate it!

    I am clearly in the minority as so far none of these scarf designs and colour ways are screaming at me to buy. The women’s scarves a bit meh to me. But early days of course and I await to see what more treasures will appear.
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  15. Thank you for all your work, Angelian! :flowers:
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