Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. Hm I thought laser printing is a more precise way to print more complex and detailed modern designs.

    I am still not sure how I feel about the color families myself. I can see how it's supposed to fit a more holistic design vision for Hermes etc, but even if I like a color family, I am not likely to purchase more than one scarf because I feel they are too similar otherwise. I haven't been buying as many scarves per collection, although I do thoroughly enjoy the ones I do buy.
  2. I do wonder if they might do more 'old school' designs at some point. I think we are just in the graphic phase, but they do mix it up eventually.

    I can certainly do without all the BdGs though... I own exactly one vintage scarf in that design and never really wear it.
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  3. From long experience I can predict that not being enthused about the upcoming season's collection means you will go gaga over the one after that. This is an iron law of nature.
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  4. I googled H Press Day and have to say with scarves being shown at an angle so it's hard to see the complete (or at least most of) design, the Press day pix can be a real tease. Thank you for your pictures Angelian, yours were pix a person could make buying plans with.
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  5. Does anyone have info on what the tiny Kelly is? I took the screenshot from Angelian’s first post. TIA! :flowers:

  6. The perfect setting or decor for wearing the desserts scarf (which I will buy in every color) is the cake pictures of artist Wayne Thiebald --example below. I wandered into an exhibition room of his at a major museum and thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
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  7. I'm sure it was. I remember a thread speaking of laser printing being the reason that the back of the scarf has greater contrast from the front. It made me think that they use less ink so are there by saving money. Perhaps a wrong conclusion to take?:shrugs:Either way the colour family; you are right I have no interest in two designs with the exact same colours, a happy accident happening years in between? Maybe, but not the same season. So far, I still miss the shading imagine animalpolis with more colour details....:biggrin:
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  8. I thought of thibaud as well when I saw this scarf!
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  9. Oh wow. So far loving the start of FW19. SS hasn't been as exciting for me.
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  10. OMG you cracked me up!!!!! Too funny!
  11. You nailed it @eagle1002us !
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  12. #89 Apr 23, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
    Press pics found on Instagram. The silks depicted are the new Maxi Twilly Slim in H au Galop and also 70cm Balade en Berline Bandana. Silk tied on the Birkin is 70cm Ex-Libris Les Pariessiens.
    New design by Jan Batjlik, Cosmographia Universalis
  13. I absolutely hate the printing now. There is no depth.
    How funny, I don't find the shading and detail of earlier designs "ladylike," just more artistic, but I agree - more variety would be great! This new Cité map design is right up my alley. I thought I would love the new Amoureux de Paris from S/S but the printing really turned me off.
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