THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

  1. Thank you!! I'm soooo excited! I love off white bags for winter so I will use the vanilla hamilton right away. I have a gray, black and cream plaid peacoat that will look so great with it!
  2. Hey girls!!
    How are all the MK-Lovers doing on this gorgeous October Monday?
    It is beautiful here - supposed to be in the 70s again, but I've gotta go to work AGAIN!! I miss out on all the beautiful days!

    Did you see all those bags on sale at Zappos? They had a lot of them, including the Collete!! I'm still looking for the textured leather version in Black. I'd really love to find one!!

    What are all the little ones going to be for Halloween?
    My granddaughter is going to be Princess Jasmine!!
    I hope the weather's nice on Sunday - not too cold and/or raining for all the trick or treaters!
  3. Good morning iluv! Yep it's a cool 69 here in central CA!! At least I can wear a sweater...

    I saw that the Colette bags are already on sale!! Good luck finding one you love!!

    I really want to find a bag in aubergine, any thoughts?! I have the Colette tote in black, the Layton satchel in vanilla, and the Heidi in gunmetal... Has to be comfy on the shoulder...

    My little dude (5 yo in Kindergarten) is going to be a race car driver for Halloween! He was a fireman the last 3 years (yep same costume), so I am personally over that costume.
  4. Aw, how cute that he was a fireman for 3 yrs!!
    My DH was a firemand for 30 yrs, but my son never wanted to dress up as a fireman (guess it was too "normal" for him!!). My husband would try and convince him to wear his real helmut and boots, etc, but my son wouldn't have any part of it!!

    is he going to be a racecar driver in general, or any particular one? (i.e., Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., etc)

    My granddaughter is staying with tradition - when she was a baby, my daughter dressed her up as Tinkerbell, then she was Cinderella and last year, Belle -- see, we're staying with the "Princess Theme"!!

    I haven't seen the Colette bags IRL yet, but from the pics, the Aubergine is gorgeous!! Do they still have it on eBags? I really want a Black Textured shoulder bag -- the one with the chain strap (like the Aubergine one that was on eBags) -- it reminds me of the MbyMJ Leola and AW Rocco, both of which I owned but have since sold. I love that type of leather, and I think the bag actually looks more expensive than it really is -- why spend $800+ for a Rocco when you can get the same look from a MK Collete, KWIM?

    Expecting some big storms tomorrow -- they say we could have the worst windstorm that we've had in 40 yrs. I'm a little nervous!!
  5. We're getting that storm here too starting tonight (I'm in SE WI) so I'm kind of nervous too. I just hope they're making a bigger deal of it than what we actually get. Fingers crossed!

    My daughter is going to be a race car driver too! But, she's not a "little" one. She's 21 and in college so her race car driver costume is a bit "racy", LOL. Oh well, if I was 21 and looked like her, I guess I'd be rockin that costume too!
  6. Isn't that funny about your son and DH! Kinda similar with my DH!! My DH is a police officer but my son isn't terribly interested in the police stuff, well, just the patrol car and it's lights/siren of course!

    I don't have a daughter but if I did, there would be no doubt she would be a princess, so cute!! I always think to myself that I would be in such trouble financially if I had a daughter, all the girl stuff is just adorable!

    My boy doesn't want to be any race car driver in particular, he just saw the costume at Marshalls and picked it! I figured why not?! It was easy, decent quality, and his size. :p

    I have the Colette tote and just love the leather--it has almost a glimmery sheen, if that makes any sense. It's gorgeous!! So I may get that hobo in aubergine...need something in aubergine...In my book, it's a two bag leather!

    I was in Chicago this past June for a week (first timer) and whoa, was so afraid that my flight would get canceled due to thunderstorms! Your t-storms are no joke over there!! I think it blew the roof off of a police department one night! WTH!! Thank goodness for good old Embassy Suites happy hour!

  7. I am hoping you both are okay over there!

    And about your daughter, yeah, I am only 37 but I did that too at her age. It only goes downhill so flaunt it while you got it!
  8. This was my day back to work after almost 2 weeks off! I SO did not want to be there .. LOL! It was very nice here actually; we got up to 18 degrees and it was very sunny too :smile:! We also had our elections up here and in some parts, it was very interesting to watch what happened!

    Hope everyone who is getting a storm is going to be okay! I LOVE them as long as everyone is safe :smile:.
  9. Is anyone else having trouble logging on to the MK website? No can do!!!
  10. That darned website is sooo hit or miss!
  11. My 8 year old is going to be a snow queen and my youngest is a butterfly (the old navy butterfly). I'm making the snowqueen costume:smile:
  12. Hey girls!!
    Well, I haven't blown away -- Yet!!:p
    The winds the last two days have just been unbelievable.
    They say that the air pressure is so low, it's the same kind of system you'd see in a Category 3 Tropical Storm!! We did have the rain yesterday and it reminded me of those videos you see when the Hurricane Warnings go up (the ones w/the crazy weather guys standing on the beach with 8 foot waves hitting the shore and the wind and rain blowing like crazy!!)

    They say that if it has been colder, we would have had the worst blizzard in almost 100 years -- thank goodness it's still mild (the winds seem to be keep the temps up -- once this storm passes, they expect the temps to fall 30-40 degrees!!)

    At least they're predicting "normal" weather for Halloween -- temps in the 50s and dry!!

    So, what's new with everyone else today?
  13. :nuts::drool::drool:
    That purple python Hobo that JX posted in the deals thread is GORGEOUS!!
    Someone HAS to get that!!!
  14. Isn't it fantastic! I am now dreaming of a Hamilton, thanks to all the reveals...sigh...

    Your weather is nuts! I just saw the news reports on it! Be safe out there!!

    iluv you made me laugh when you mentioned the weather guys trying to give a report in the middle of a blizzard/hurricane!! They always crack me up!!
  15. We were supposed to get a storm here, but no such luck. It did rain a fair bit, but that was it :sad:. I was looking forward to a night in last night listening to the sounds of a storm :smile:.

    Today, it was warm again -- around 17, dipped lower tonight, so I am enjoying the cooler weather! LOVE IT :smile:!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their week :smile:!