THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

  1. ^^ I dont know any of the MJ styles b/c I am an MK girl!!! Sorry I cant help!!!

  2. If you're looking for a wallet, I'd say the Large Zip Wallet - I love this season's lacquered leather

    When you say small purse, how small do you mean?
    the Single might be a good choice - it's a smaller cross-body bag that has cc slots inside so you don't need to carry a wallet too. (there's also a Lg Single and XL Single if you want something a little larger)

    you should definitely check out the MJ sub-forum and have a look at some of the current styles/colors!
  3. Thanks iluvmybags! I'll check those out.
  4. Does MK have any bags with rose tone hardware? I haven't seen any when I've looked. Maybe a bronze color would go with rose gold jewelry? I'm really trying to keep myself from buying a B.Makowsky in a chocolate snakeskin with rose tone hardware because the quality of Michael Kors is so much better, but I like to look of the Makowsky. Tell me that snakeskin is too trendy, or that the "scales" on the embossed leather peel, lol.
  5. :lol: Sorry. No can do.
  6. I don't know if anyone was interested in any of the bags or shoes that Saks has on sale right now, but if you were and bought one and got the gift card, you could use the Gift Card during the Friends and Family sale coming up on the 19th!! Then you'd get 20% off plus whatever the value of your gift card!
  8. Happy Sunday everyone!:biggrin:
    It's gorgeous today - true Indian Summer.
    Bright and sunny, warm enough to go out w/o a jacket
    it just happens to be my grandbaby's fourth Bday!!
    Getting ready to go to her party

    What are you all up to on this beautiful October Sunday?
  9. Happy birthday to grandbaby!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday to your Grandbaby!!

    I am at work -- even though I am on vacation, Sundays are optional and I figured the time and a half wouldn't hurt for today .. LOL!

    How is everyone doing?
  11. Sundays I work from 11:00 - 2:00 at Reitman's so I'm a bit pooped. Lots of ladies out shopping today.

    It's so funny with women shopping with their kids. We had one mother come in with her two little ones - like 6 and 4 maybe. She went into the fitting room and left them out in the store, like WTF!! I told her there was a bigger fitting room that would fit all of them, and she said no, they'd be OK!! I told my manager and she went back and told her to take the kids in with her. I mean - first of all they were running and screaming the place down, and secondly - what if someone took one of them? I was amazed.

    Then another woman came in with an adorable little guy about the same age and he was as good as gold. It's all in how they are raised I guess.This little guy just sat quietly on a chair but within sight of his mom at all times, and he kept "checking in" with hims mom and when she moved to a different part of the store she made sure he was right there with her.

    What a difference though. It never ceases to amaze me that some women think it's perfectly fine for their kids to run and scream while other women have kids that behave perfectly in public.
  12. That's crazy! there's no way that I'd leave my kids alone in a store. LOL.
    My 4 year old would find something bad to do I'm sure:smile:
    Hey crissy.... I bought a vanilla large hamilton! And you know me, being all obsessive compulsive... I bought another hamilton today, in the luggage. I can't wait to get them!
    I felt guilty at first, cheating on coach. I'm over it now though! Bring on the MK:smile:
    (Still love my coach though. I could seriously own one of every color in the large mad shoulder bag).
  13. ^^ CONGRATS on TWO beautiful colors!!!!! I cheated on Coach, too and havent looked back! The quality of the MK's IMO (and this is only MY opinion) is SO much better than Coach....and I must say, MK is VERY nice to look at too!!!!! :smile:
  14. PS: I desperatly want a vanilla bag for spring 2011.....yes I am starting to look NOW!!! LOL and I love the Hamilton in vanilla! REALLY shows off the color nicely!!!!
  15. Sadly, that happens ALL the time at my work! It is even worse that "parents" leave their children and think we will watch them while they go to another location or LEAVE! Umm, NO! It makes me so mad when that happens -- how can you be a parent and LEAVE the building?! Anything can happen to your child :sad:.