THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

  1. Yea, I'm even having second thoughts about the Pink Leopard Bayswater
    I almost got the Black Cross Body - I bought in the Pink and was going to exchange it for the Black one but decided to pass on it all together (now I just need to return the Pink one)

    I really do like the Pink Leopard Bayswater, but I'm buying a new MJ this week and have at least two other bags on my radar, so I'm thinking I probably shouldn't be spending $50 a "novelty" bag that I won't use that often. It's just so cute!! I never thought I'd be drawn to pink leopard so that bag took me by surprise!!
  2. Happy Columbus Day!!
    Anyone here off of work today for the holiday?
    Unfortunately, Columbus Day is one of those holidays our office doesn't recognize, so its of to work I go in just a little while!
  3. So, does anyone around here have little ones?
    Halloween is fast approaching - what are some of the costume choices this year? My granddaughter is going to be Princess Jasmine - we're on a "Princess Streak" - last year, she as Belle, the year before Cinderella, the year before that Tinkerbell!!! She sure loves her Disney Princesses!!:p
  4. Disney Princesses are awesome,iluvmybags! My little bugger doesn't want to be one, though, much to my disappointment. She wants her pumpkin costume from last year! :nuts: Good thing she still fits in it. We went looking for costumes a few times and she insists she wants to be THAT pumpkin. Who am I to argue with an almost 3 year old? :upsidedown:
  5. :nogood: Nope, that's an argument you'll never win!!!:p
    (on the plus side, think of the $$ you'll save if she wears the same costume -- more $$ for handbags!!!:graucho:)
  6. :search::search::search:
  7. I'm not sure what these little guys mean? Is it where is everyone? :p
  8. hey!! I'm here!
    I've tried to get a few chats going but there hasn't been too much activity

    so, what's new?
    It got so chilly here today!!
    Yesterday it was in the 70s and over the weekend, in the 80s -- today it's wet and cold. I don't even think we reached 60 degrees!!

    My granddaughter was just here - she got her hair cut (her first "official" one!) she looks so cute -- my little girl is growing up so fast. This weekend she turns 4!!!
  9. Yes, those little guys are searching for everybody. ;)

    iluv, I just discovered this subforum yesterday. I would have been chatting up a storm with you if I had known.
  10. My copier has been down for 4 miserable days. I have a copier on my printer, but it's not a high-volume one.

    I've been fall clothes shopping lately.
    iluv, did you see the pic of the MK skirt I posted yesterday? I got it at Macys. It is so cute! I will wear it with a light pink shirt and a dark gray sweater.
  11. I should have emailed you when the forum went live - I'm sorry!!:hugs:
    I figured you were either really busy with work or maybe taking a break, as I hadn't seen you around for a few days

    I did see that skirt - I like it
    It'll definitely look great with JW Bruna!!
    And I'm so jealous of your shoes -- I wish I could wear heels.
    It makes finding cute, stylish shoes a little challenging!

    I might actually get those MJ flats I was telling you about
    They transferred the grey ones from another store - but they're not the MaryJanes, which were the ones I really wanted (they didn't make those in grey - only black). I'll have to see how they look with some of my outfits
  12. Yeah, shame on you for not telling me!

    Personally, I liked both styles of the flats. They were both very cute.

    Why can't you wear heels?
  13. I'm sorry! :shame::flowers:

    I had back surgery a few years ago and have ongoing issues with my back and feet as a result. Half of my right foot is completely numb and it causes me to walk crooked (I don't even know I'm doing it, but my left shoe is always way more worn down than my right and all my right shoes turn inward). If I have heels on for too long, my leg goes numb and my back starts to ache - I'll allow myself heels every once in a while, but on a daily basis for work I have to wear flats or kitten heels

    I really like the flats, not so sure about the pointy toe. I think pointed toes work better with heels than they do with flats. The MaryJane style kinda broke up the pointed toe. She's going to send them to me (I should have tomorrow I think), so I can try them out at home with some of my clothing to see how they look.
  14. Sorry about your back problems. I know chronic pain is not fun at all.

    Take pics of the shoes when they come in. :smile:
  15. Hey everybody! I know this is a MK chat but I have a question about Marc Jacobs if thats ok.. I'm saving up to buy my first MJ purchase, I'm thinking a wallet or a small purse> Any suggestions on styles??