THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

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  1. Hey girls (and guys?!), we finally did it!! We have a dedicated Michael Kors sub-forum!! Nearly every other sub-forum has their own chat thread, so it's only fitting that we start a brand spanking new thread for nothing but "chit-chat"!

    Feel free to talk about anything and everything.
    Having a bad day and need to vent? C'mon in and let it all out. Want to celebrate or share some good news? Share it with your fellow MK lovers!! Or maybe you're bored and just feel like checking in to see who's around.

    The MK Chat Thread is now open for discussion!!
  2. well girls, I'm gonna call it a night!
    (I know - I'm talking to myself as no one's around!:P)
    I created a few new threads that are common in some of the other forums
    I can't wait to come back tomorrow and chat with all of you!!

    Have a great night everyone and see ya on Friday!
  3. I'm so proud that MK is considered a tPF PREMIER designer.

  4. Hiya - I'm not sure what time this went online, I guess was asleep then.

    I can't wait to hit the outlet tomorrow and see what I can find - never seen an MK outlet before, should be awesome.

    Does anyone watch Project Runway? I've never seen it but want to check it out now that I know MK is on it - I had to work last night so I never thought to tape it.

    I probably won't have too much of a chance to be on here cause we are going away for the weekend - I'll check in occasionally on my iPhone though.

    Gonna go check out more threads now. :yahoo:
  5. Kind of like MJ with MbMJ in one forum...which is nice to be able to talk about both MK's premier designer line and his diffusion line too.

  6. Hey girls!!
    I thought that was great too, altho it was short-lived
    MK's been moved out of the Premier Designer section and into the Designer section. I wonder why?:confused1:
  7. What happened to the existing chat thread? All we have to do is add "chat thread" to the title and make it a sticky.
  8. Happy Friday everyone!!
    Anyone have big plans for the weekend?
    Crissy, I know you said you had plans to go to the Outlet this weekend
    You'll have to give us a full report when you get back!!:P

    (p.s. I'm so glad they brought the colored font back, altho all of my older messages now contain color codes!)
  9. We've been marginalized, and it's only the first day. :nuts:
  10. :lol::lol:
  11. Yeah!! Crissy is heading off to the outlet this weekend, please do report your findings AND your PURCHASES =P

    In celebration of the MK subforum, I think we should all go out and make a MK purchase and start some REVEAL threads going on =p
  12. Sorry... double posted... was too excited lol!
  13. I am so excited to hear about Chrissy's trip to the outlet. I hope to venture there soon too .. LOL!

    My work day sucked unfortunately :sad:, but then my DH took me to the Coach outlet to make me feel better. When I was there, I met a woman with a gorgeous purple MK tote and we started to chat about the outlet across the border. Made me VERY excited to get to ANY MK outlet .. LOL!
  14. Ya think there was such a flurry of activity to post in the new MK sub-forum that we caused tPF to crash!!:P

    LOL! Just kidding - but of course it crashed the day the MK forum premiered.
    Guess we'll just have to christen it tomorrow!!
    (and there were some REALLY good deals that I posted -- I think tPF crashed before anyone had a chance to see them!:tdown:)