THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

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  1. Agree with you!! It is hard to get into the luxury when you are used to paying under $400(ca/usd) for a bag. I don't know that I would spend the price for a Hermes. But I do find value in going up the scale to more "entry level" luxury designers like Chloe - one of my absolute favourites, in love with their designs. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy most of my MK bags but somewhere a long the line I try to go a little more towards "quality over quantity". Not saying MK bags are not good quality because most of them are, but also quality as in the value they bring to your wardrobe as a whole. Maybe a more expensive more versatile bag is better than 25 bags you can match with different outfits.
    I am also getting so sick and tired of seeing so many fake MK bags!! It is disgusting! Just saw a blatantly fake Selma today! Definitely not good for the brand. I hope they get their whole image straightened out, I really don't want this brand to disappear! I was a true diehard fan.
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  2. I can't stand fakes either, and I guess that most people that buy premium/upper scale goods prefer the brand to stay genuine. I see your point in regards to that one, versatile bag, but I haven't found that yet:giggle:
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  3. I love this post, and totally agree. I don't think there is any such thing as one holy grail bag that is versatile enough to fit most outfits. I switch out my bag almost daily depending on what I'm wearing and love doing so. I have several MMK and MKC bags, and they seem to do the trick. My chanel and LVs also do their duty, but on less frequent occasions. Overall, I'm happy with the collection of bags that I've amassed and always look forward to pulling out my "bag of the day." :smile:
  4. My thoughts exactly:yes:
  5. Anyone of you ladies that have seen the colorblock versions of the mercer in real life?
  6. I saw them at the duty free in my airport
    They looked cute but I honestly prefer the sleeker style of them in one colour.
    They had the fawn, it looks so pretty
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  7. Obviously I have a lot of time on my hands today browsing threads several years back, but I remember reading this and wondering how it turned out. Did the police find the bags?
  9. Hey everyone (waving madly.)
    I'm new here so just wanted to drop in and say hi.
    I have been browsing a little and am absolutely amazed at the wealth of knowledge that everyone has here :smile:
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  10. Also new here, and I was thinking the same thing! Im learning so much just reading through these threads! Love it!
  11. So I'm super new to this site and I'm noticing that anytime I want to post a photo, the file is too large to load. Any tips or suggestions on how to get my photos to the right size so I can upload them? I use my phone camera, which is a Samsung Galaxy S7.
  12. hi folks, how is ur MK lambskin bags wear and tear like? i just got my first lambskin bag (scarlett tote). it is really soft and gives an impression that its rather . the leather part of the straps are thin for a tote.
  13. Mine have held up well. I do keep my bags conditioned with a good leather conditioner & I rotate my bags weekly. I'm probably a little rougher on my Saffiano bags but all my leather one are doing well. The only bags I really baby are the snakeskin since exotic leathers tend to be more delicate.
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  14. Guess u can resize it with a photoediting app first?

    That's nice. How frequently do u condition the bags with the leather conditioner?

    Its been a week of usage so far. Just weighed my bag its 2.3kg total weight with the stuff in there. It feels lighter than that when carried on the shoulder tho
  15. About once a month I take my bags out & condition them. If I've carried & used a bag for over a week, I will condition it before I put it back in it's dust cover. This is only for my leather & exotic leather bags. I don't worry about the Saffano bags since the leather has already been treated. I just wipe them down occassionally.
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