THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

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  1. Hello ladies! I'm in need of your help. My girl sent me this picture a couple months ago and I've been trying to get an ID on it recently. Can anyone help?
    Screenshot_20171113-184419.png Screenshot_20171113-191759.png
  2. The bag looks like the Bridgette, but the MK charm looks like its from the Cynthia
  3. Is the online checkout at working for anyone at all?
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  4. Hi everyone! It's been a LONG time! Last time I posted I believe I was getting ready for a big move to Texas. Turns out we are now in Europe! It took me a long time to get everything in place. Once I arrived I had a lot of adjusting and while I wanted to post I didn't find the time. We got a new dog shorty after the move. Puppy training in an apartment (with wood floors) is a nightmare! I was a walking zombie for months! On a very bright and positive note, I still use my bags pretty much everyday! I still lust after the Riley and Ava! The other day I saw this woman shopping with the Miranda in XS and I died. I feel like there are so many new styles, I can't even keep up! Luckily I have you girls to fill me in with all the pictures! I don't take selfies very often and half the time I'm rushing out the door. I will say, I miss the homeland, but Christmas in Europe is magical! I've gained about 4 pounds and the holidays aren't over! I probably won't be posting as much because I never seem to have a moment to myself, and when I do, I'm trying to catch up on some embroidery (yes, that happened!). All in all, I appreciate a place where I can pop in and still feel at home with all you lovely people.
    Here are some pictures. I had my Micheal Kors for an important event.... And that's pretty much the only picture I have wearing micheal kors! (I know, terrible!) but here's a picture of my new baby to make up for it. He's barely 7 months old and he is more than a handful! I love the little guy and his horrible slobbery kisses. Lol!
    received_10154909424701010.jpeg received_10154625748541010.jpeg 20171211_221847.jpeg
  5. Hi, Melbo!!!! We have missed you!!! You're always welcome to pop in when you have time. Would love to hear the tale of how you wound up in Europe!!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!! Holidays in exciting!!!:heart::hugs::heart:
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  6. So happy you're still here, cdtracing! The whole move was unpredictable. We're here because of my Husband's line of work. They asked him to list international places and national locations he would prefer. Germany was one place he put but didn't think he'd get. Turns out we actually got it, so here we are. The weather in our location's crazy! I've seen bright sunny sky, rain, snow, hail, and cloudy all in the same day. On top of that, we are at a high elevation so just climbing up some stairs left me tired. It could just be the lack of exercise but it's still pretty embarrassing ! Any baking tips someone wants to share? Lol. I blame all my failures on the elevation .
  7. Yes, it takes time for the body to acclimate to the lower oxygen levels of higher elevations. When go to the mountains, I tend to tire more easily. Since I don't live in a high elevation, I have no advice about baking but I do know you have to change up your recipes a bit; I can't remember if it's the baking temp or an ingredient adjustment.

    I have never been to Germany but DH's sister was stationed there when she was in the Army. The countryside pictures she has are beautiful & the quaint villages are just adorable. You're on your way to being an international traveler!! Are you learning German?
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  8. It's very beautiful where I live, with lots of trees and hills. So much pine and when it snows it looks like those pictures in calendars or wallpapers. I would like to learn German, at least the basics. They have this fun obsession with unicorns. I've seen pretty much everything in a unicorn shape or horn. Wish I would have taken pictures
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  9. My first post! Just wanted to share my local Michael Kors store at Streets of Southpoint decked out for Christmas And my Christmas Micheal Kors Mercer Stud & Grommet bag!! I've been coveting this bag since this summer! Love my hubby
    IMG_20171212_191153_812.jpg 20171212_233426.jpg
  10. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!
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  11. Hi! New member here, just realized that there's a sub forum. Wanted to ask you guys, does anyone have personal experience on cleaning the lining of michael kors bags? Thanks!
  12. Michael Kors' US website has moved to $5 flat rate shipping to push its new VIP membership that provides free 2-day shipping if you join and give over more personal information. No more free shipping for a certain dollar amount. What do we think? also introduced a similar shipping pricing scheme and "insider" program. I am full up on memberships, so I won't join, even though it's information that MK can get based off of past purchases on credit or debit cards anyway. I imagine it's also supposed to boost boutique foot traffic for shoppers who don't want to order online and get a membership to avoid shipping fees.
  13. Soon traveling to the USA and plan on buying a new bag. Will go to NYC and possibly go to Woodbury. Can anyone please give me advice on which bag to look for? I have never had a MK myself but seen some being carried here in Sweden that I have liked. I am a LV speedy kind of girl and I tote around a lot of things so I am looking for a roomy bag that can be worn in hand, on arm/shoulder or crosstrap. TIA.

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  14. Hope everyone has a safe & happy July 4th Celebration!
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