THE COFFEE CLUTCH - The MK Chat Thread!!

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  1. I saw a YouTube reveal on that one once and it's beautiful!!! :smile:
  2. Macy's is having VIP sale with extra 30% off of designers who rarely go on sale. MK may be included at 25% off.
  3. My local Herberger's which is part of the Bon Ton family has the Hamilton E/W for 199.99 and they will let you use the rewards coupons on it and also they have a 50.00off 100.00 coupon you can use if you don't have rewards coupons a so I got the luggage and black color . Both for 169.49 that includes taxes . I also found a Navy Hamilton EW at Tj Maxx today for 149.99 before tax .

    Here are the pics




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  4. Great deal and lovely bag(s)! :smile:
  5. Thank you ! I was super excited I am totally enjoying them all ! My husband likes them much more then my Chanel even ! He says they look way more classy .. ha ha .. who knew .
  6. Ladies, happy to report my CAT scans are finally back. No Lung cancer, nothing nasty. "long term muscle changes", have to see my doctor on Monday to discuss. So relieved!
  7. That is wonderful news!
  8. Very good news!
  9. Wonderful news!! I'm so glad for this result!!!!:hugs:
  10. Such great news, wishing you the best!
  11. Thank you Ladies! :hugs::yahoo:
    I'm very relieved, so thought I'd share the news. Now back to the bags:tup:
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  12. Would someone be so kind & point me to the MK Ava Clubhouse? :tender: I cannot find it anywhere? :confused1: I would really appreciate it! Thank you! :heart:
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  14. #2385 Jul 23, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017 I was just sitting here by myself and thinking. I've slowly begun to find interest in luxury brands like Hermes, Chanel etc, and spend some time visiting and posting on their forums. Must say I loooove the scarves, jewelry, shoes, totally dreamy....but I just can't justify buying a lot of stuff just to please a SA in hope to be offered the holy grail; even if it is the ever beautiful Kelly:love: at the price of tens of thousands of dollars. Some brands are sooo expensive, but I must admit that if I ever won the lottary I would run down the door to Hermes, and then take a swing by Chanel and MK. But as for now I only drool and dream:giggle: online.. And I find myself returning over and over to MK with the large variaties of bags and colors, and the ever practical and wonderful saffiano leather. It fits me to the fingertips. Not having to worry about raincotes to fit my bag:eek:, or where I put it down. Like today being in the Zoo with my kids and the rain came, knowing it didn't matter if my selma got wet? And of course the luxury of being able to match my outfits with different bags without using the entire family budget. I don't see any brand fitting my needs the way MK does:yes:. Not yet anyway:giggle: .. So I hope MK and TPF will be around for years to come, and I look forward to feeling my heart skip a beat for what may turn out to be my holy grail in the future:love: