The BE Waiting Lounge....

  1. I am borrowing this idea from the Balenciaga forum...but it is a great idea and I hope you think so too!

    I know some of us order stock bags, some BEC things...some have things spread out so you are waiting quite a while for a bag...and sometimes it is a long wait for that beautiful white box to wing its way across the pond from London to the US or where ever you might live...

    So this is a place we can all come to discuss and be excited about BE bags or items (now that we have such a ever expanding group of small leather goods!)...and have others who get it, versus my husband who would look at me like WHAT?!?!
  2. I will go first...I have had BECs set up for a long long time...and the final two are currently in production....but the second one of these popped into my head, I knew I had to have it...

    I cannot wait for either of them...but I am really excited about my Medium Purple matte Love Me mini with light blue lining, and gunmetal hardware! It will be my first look at BE gunmetal!

    The other bag I am expecting is an aubergine Love Me mini...guess it will be a double dose of purple when I get that box!

    Who else is expecting something...does not have to be can be something months out...we will wait with you in anticipation!
  3. Love your new thread, Obedoobeedoo!

    I am hoping BE will soon create the coin purses in mottled gold.

    In my BEC list, I have a gray snakeskin Inspire me and a pebbled port Adore me.

    I am very unsure about the snakeskin, though. I am SO dying for a gray bag, but not sure if the gray snakeskin is it.

    I also have a "tentatively ordered" mottled gold Madrid waiting in the wings.
  4. OMG family all calls me Odoobiedo...and you are so stinking close, so BOOM, you are family now!

    I think the port adore me would be lovely! I am still hoping Jackie can find your rust/paprika I would love love love to join you in getting a skin of that!

    I hear ya on not being sure on the snake print...but everyone says it is subtle...still not sure I could love it though!

    I forgot to add...I am waiting on the anthracite circle coin purse as well...excited for that too!
  5. Oh, medium purple matte LMM! Yummy! I have two BECs for this coming fall which seems like a long way away! I have a black pebbled London Tote Midi with dark grey lining and either gunmetal or silver hw and a Tote Me Midi in coffee velvet matte with nougat lining and gold hw! I'm considering a LMM too!!
  6. I'm waiting for a BEC medium brown chevre Covet Me, which has become my favorite style. I shouldn't be here in the lounge too long since the bag was shipped today. :whistle:
  7. Hi everyone! :hugs:

    I am not waiting for a specific BE, however.....(hee!)

    ...I am waiting to see if anything else is debuted in the S/S BE line...


    I have been waiting to find an excuse to use this cute new PF icon: :doggie:

    It is so cute I think he needs some friends :doggie: :doggie:

    Hope everyone is good!
  8. Deb, those are such different purples that it won't feel like a double dose of the colour!

    I have to wait until...TOMORROW...for my anthracite Covet Me
  9. I am patiently (sort of!) waiting for the atelier to pick ip my BEC order for a large Hug Me in the vermillion chevre leather!! Cannot wait to get this one!
  10. I actually considered you as family long ago. Many BE ladies are my sisters, including you, Odoobeedoobeedoo.

  11. Do you refer to the vermillion orange? The Inspire Me on FaceBook? I love that color too. Do you think it's too close to the tomato-red pebbled leather? I already have that leather in a Charm Me - Miss Cha-Cha. Thoughts?


  12. I hope it will not be too close to the tomato red, as I was really wanting a dark, burnt orange and they emailed me to say that vermillion should fit the bill. I have a couple of different pics of the vermillion leather skins and it seems to change a bit depending on the lighting. But it is supposed to be a dark orange with just a hint of red.

    I would LOVE a paprika color too!!
  13. I'm still working on the paprika. So far, I've counted FOUR of us who would buy a true paprika. I wish I could get my hands on a swatch of that vermillion orange. I really don't want another bag too similar to my tomato-red. Maybe I can get Jacksonian or someone to place the vermillion next to a swatch of the pebbled tomato red.

  14. I would like to see those swatches together too!
  15. I think you should lounge around in here just to see what everyone else is lounging around waiting for!