The BE Waiting Lounge....

  1. Me just totally shocked me how close you came to what my Dad used to yodel out to me in his own way when he came warmed my heart as my Dad has been gone for almost 17 years now! It amazes me how we have such a great little BE family! I wish we could hang out in person...but until we get that arranged...I will hang out here in BE land with you!
  2. Sounds beautiful!
  3. llclark..yes, this sounds gorgeous! I'm waiting for ..another..Brown bag. The Root Hug me midi and the Coffe TMA large, and something I haven't really quite decided..something greenish or gold..!
  4. Does anyone know if the full S/S line is out or if BE will be debuting more? If memory serves I believe last year more bags came out around the time of May and June, but I am old now and could be off on this, ha!

    :doggie: (I thought for sure many of you pup lovers like me would have been quite excited about this icon, LOL, but alas I am alone in my delight...)
  5. I love this puppy too, Lovie! I posted him in another thread... can't remember which one now! LOL! He's adorable! :lol: As for bags, I don't know. I wish though!
  6. Such lovely reveals will be headed this way!

    I am waiting on the Anthracite coin purse, like many of our ladies.

    I do also have a couple of BECs in the works. A supersoft black matte Hug Me medium sized with dark grey lining and silver hardware. This will be my first black BE bag but I am already wanting something in black crash. This will be the sister to my pumpkin supersoft Hug Me. It is the most amazingly comfy bag to carry.

    There will also be a warm grey shimmer Hold Me coming with purple lining and silver hardware. It will be "a la LoveHandbags!" with soft bottom and extended leather lined handles and an outer zip pocket. You have all spoken so highly of this bag I am very excited. I have been obsessed with the warm grey shimmer leather since Rose sent me a swatch ages ago.
  7. I am waiting for a Covet Me or mini Covet Me - only problem is that I will have to wait a long time. I still need to save up the money for it. So it will probably only be closer to the end of the year before I can get it. They say patience is a virtue. Well I will have a lot of virtue waiting patiently for this bag!!!!
  8. ^What colour? What lining? What hardware? You can't leave us hanging like this!

    Lovie - yes, I think more styles are coming. There is now a Milan Satchel although it isn't on the site yet - I saw it in a magazine that BE posted on their site. Looks cleaner & simpler than the NY satchel.
  9. LOL, tlloveshim, oh good, lol, he is a darlin, isn't he?

    Thanks VanBod, I will keep watch then!
  10. I asked about this, but Jackie doesn't have any of the pebbled tomato red. I'm going to ask if Marco has both. Perhaps he will take a snap for us. I love that vermillion as well, but I really want to make sure it's not like what I already have!

  11. Yay! That would be great if he could!
  12. My BEC Hold Me in Super Soft Matte Olive is in production now....can't wait. Well! I'm expecting a small package en route to me from UK any time now - a BE black crash wallet.

    VB, I saw the Milan Satchel posted FB too. Lovely!
  13. Vanbod I am not sure what color what lining or hardware. But after reading about yours I am thinking anthracite with gun metal hardware the lining I have no idea. Also I am not sure about the size I really like the mini Covet Me. As I said I have a long time to think about this and plan as I save up for one.
  14. I only have two things to wait for now. The Anthracite coin purse from BE and a wine sheen Kiss Me from a sweet tpf seller.
  15. My package came in the mail's the BEautiful Black Crash Wallet.:love:
    Black crash.jpg Black crash interior.jpg