The BE Waiting Lounge....

  1. WOW! It's SUPERB! And you'll probably still be using it when you're 98 years old That wallet is going to LAST. Congratulations, Bags!


    QUOTE=BAGSLOVERsg011;19047771]My package came in the mail's the BEautiful Black Crash Wallet.:love:[/QUOTE]
  2. It's beautiful!!..and the old Black crash? Right?
  3. I'll pop in to see, especially the BEC bags that others come up with. On the reveals, sometimes I wonder, "Now why didn't I think of that?". There are some fabulous bags coming down the pike.
  4. Oh! That black crash wallet is amazing!!!!!
  5. This is gorgeous! Bonnie, looks like old black crash to me. The newer is more like Larke describes it, like rain drops have splattered on the leather but the older is crinkle-y looking. Darn that wallet is pretty. Makes me want one! :lol:

    :doggie: <--- This is me running away very very fast!
  6. Hi! Ladies. My Caffe Latte TMA is on it's way to the UK:woot: I can't wait.
  7. YAY!

    Baglover! Gorgeous new wallet! Black crash is just such a special leather!

    Shaznayk....should be a gorgeous bag on the way to you...

    My last two BECs just posted as being completed and headed to YAY!
  8. Shaznayk - this is one bag I can't wait to see! I have a special love for the TMA Midi.
  9. Thank you ladies!

    Moonfancy, this wallet is definitely a keeper.

    Shaznayk, can't wait to see your Cafe Late TMA.

    Bonnie, not sure if it's the old or the new crash. My Black Crash Hold Me has the 'rain drop splatters'(as tlloveshim described). The black crash leather on the wallet is definitely more crinkly.
  10. Anybody know when the anthracite coin purses are shipping?
  11. I am waiting for a mottled gold Love Me that I bought on Bonanzle over the weekend. I don't know if it is on the way yet, but I certainly am excited!
  12. ^You saved me from myself. After hearing Marnie's ideas for how to wear the gold, I hot footed it over to Bonz but the Love Me was gone!
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    Not sure about the coin purses but it's my understanding that they went into production last Friday. En route from atelier to UK office are (1) cobalt sheen LM Midi that I bought in sample sale that had loose stitching on the drawband so I had them sent it back to Marco to fix before sending it to me (2) Zebra pony hair Inspire Me Mini w/red ss matte leather trim (3) Cafe Latte pebbled luxe TMA Midi w/custom lining (4) Black Patent London Tote Midi and (5) Glossy Midnight Blue Hug Me w/custom lining.
  14. I'm excited for you. :smile:
  15. Looking forward to seeing pics of shaz's and nunnla's cafe latte TMAs.