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  1. Congrats to all the artsy club members!!!!! I lvoe the style of this purse....and from the modeling pics its quite obvious that it looks awesome on!!!!!!! hope someday to be a member here...
  2. Congrats to all of you. This bag is gorgeous!!!!
  3. Major Congrats to all! I looked at it yesterday and the canvas is so nice and soft. So nice. Wish I had the moolah to buy it.
  4. OK so now I am nervous because I ordered the GM! Anyone else getting it? I have a couple other huge totes and like them ( Gucci Lge Horsebit, for one), they measure very similar to the GM.

    Some of you said it compared a lot in size ot the Galliera GM; I had the PM but found it too small for all my 'stuff', kept popping open. I hope the \n that the Artsy GM is right for me.

    I hopefully can join the club soon. I ordered it online a couple days ago, and t is still 'processing'. Hmm, it usually doesn't take long to get the second email to say it has been processed successfully and shipped. Making me a little nervous that maybe I was too late in line and won't get it??
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  5. chessmont, I don't think they change the online status until the bag ships. Did the GM size sell out, too? I ordered the MM online and I haven't had any news either. Glad to see someone getting the GM! I think it has really nice proportions, but it would be way too big on me since I am short. Can't wait to see yours!!!
  6. Same with me. I ordered the MM on Thurs evening and mine is still "processing" as well. I am short as well (5' 0") so I new the GM would be too big. I can't wait to see modeling pics of the GM as well!
  7. Well, I am only around 5 foot 6 (smidge under), but am big-boned, and I like big bags, so we'll see :shrugs:

    Good luck to us all still waiting!

    I don't believe the GM is sold out online, but I looked more than an hour ago. I think it won't, or at least not quickly.
  8. chessmont - I'm getting the GM. I tried it on at LV last week and it's KILLER! I'm also 5'6" and it's the perfect size for me. Mine is being shipped to me, I should have it early next week.

    I think you'll be very happy with it ;)
  9. -Cool!
  10. there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the mm and the gm- did anyone try them both on? thanks!
  11. I GOT MINE LAST NIGHT!!!!! (Friday)

    I will do a reveal Monday when I look much better (I work all weekend). I love this bag so far- as for the strap.... I never saw the looping IRL. The SA said the strap is much thicker and will hold more weight than the looping, making it more comfortable. I actually think this bag is more comfortable with stuff in it than without. I'm hoping it will mold to my shoulder over time.

    One thing I really like about this bag is that it can go from the shoulder to on the arm- and it looks great. It is much easier to get into than the Galiiera. It sits nicely on one arm and opens up well so you can get what your looking for.

    I can't wait for her to patina so I don't have to "baby" her for so long. Congrats to the other ladies and Goodluck to those of you who are undecided.
  12. Ooooh- and 1 other thing!

    My DH (who really isn't that into my bags and is just now "getting" my addiction) said he liked the Artsy more than "that other bag" (Galliera). Just thought that was funny. He said it looked "much better". He he.... maybe there's hope for him!
  13. i love the GM...and i'm only 4"11...i think that it's going to look sooooo good when it's a little older cause it'll sag a little more too!! then it' won't look as big too!!
  14. If you get a GM, I want to see modeling pics! :nuts:
  15. When I saw Artsy on next to a Galliera, I was really surprised about how different they were. Side by side I like the Artsy a LOT better!

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