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  1. I was all for the NF GM until I came across Lovely tpf'ers with their new artsy modeled. I think I have a change of heart. The artsy is gorgeous indeed
  2. I got a chance to play with the Artsy and am impressed. Still going to wait some time to hear about the handle issue.

    I only saw the MM (boutique's last one), but the SAs (I was not in "my" boutique, but I knew a few of the SAs at this LV) said that I need to wait to see the GM. The MM is nice, but they all agreed that the GM has a little more edge to it/it has the "je ne said quoi" factor.

    So, those that ordered the GM, please hurry & post some modeling photos!!

  3. In Germany it´s available online now :yahoo:
  4. -I'm feeling better and better about my choice of GM, especially because I found the Galliera PM way too small, and some peope are comparing them...

    :balloon: - Finally got the email today that the bag has shipped:yahoo:
  5. Wow I just now saw the GM is out of stock online (USA) - I am a little surprised; everyone seemed to be going for the MM

    But then again. it's just such a fab bag
  6. Can't wait to see more modeling pics................. :biggrin:
  7. Funny, all of the SA's who saw the bag with me for the first time said they liked the MM better! I think the GM is just so massive... but that's just my opinion.
  8. Me too! My heart skipped a beat! :love:
  9. I saw the GM at the boutique today and it does look quite massive. Even just briefly picking it up, I just wanted to put it back down. I have a GM Neverfull, and that didn't seem so big to me in comparison. Ironic, eh? :confused1:

    I haven't seen the MM because the last one is on hold for someone else.
  10. Ah well, MM ladies, who knows, I may be eating my words soon:biggrin: and be begging for an MM from somewhere in the USA
    We shall see:smile:
  11. T-Girl, I have to say I love your panflute flowchart. It just tickles me. I cannot WAIT to see the GMs start rolling in...I ordered the MM, but the GM looks really good, too!
  12. I'm not saying that! Just that I personally think they are too big for me, and probably only get more attention just because they are so massive!
  13. Today I tried the gm amd the mm. First of all I think the Artsy is beautiful, the canvas is very soft, the lining ist alcantara and it has six pockets and another pocket with a zipper inside. I´m 5.9 and the mm is the perfect hobo for me, the gm is huge, but it looks good to, but looks more like a shopper then like a hobo. So I´ll go for the mm :heart:
  14. Seeing a bag on someone is different than seeing the bag on the shelf, so the MM probably compliments you better than the GM. The SAs said the MM will have more mass appeal and be a safe choice which is true since the boutiques are sold out. I haven't decided on the bag and would like to see both sizes before deciding if it should go on my list. I like bags of all sizes, but need to see which one 'speaks' to me. So, I'm patiently waiting to see what TPFers post here...
  15. Are you getting the Artsy & not the Bordeaux Mahina??