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  1. I did try them both on, and there wasn't a major difference in size (maybe a couple inches bigger) but I just liked the way the PM looked. I don't mind carrying around huge bags, but I don't need a huge bag every day. Plus, I think at some point the massive handbags get too heavy (because lets face it, we all find junk to stuff in our purses when we have the extra room!)
  2. Congrats to all who have the great Artsy bag!! Zodie - did you get the GM or the MM? Can't wait to see pics. Would love for anyone to post pics on the arm as well.
  3. pursemomma2, here is an internet pic of someone with the Artsy on her arm

  4. oooooh! I'm lovin it! Thanks ETenebris.
  5. Hi ETenebris - this picture you hooked me up with is perfect. Do you think that is the GM? I'm kinda leaning toward gettin' the GM?
  6. Thanks! It's hard to could be either. But I think you can't go wrong with the GM! And if it's too big, you can always size down to the MM (and the GM is still available on the website with free shipping!). I really like the proportions of the GM, but for me it would be too large.
  7. Here's mine:yahoo:

  8. Is it easy to get in the bag with the strap rings attaching the two sides? And it's completely open right? Thanks!
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  9. ahhhh the artsy is sooo gorgeous!!! i want one soo bad :biggrin:
  10. I'm glad you mentioned that it's easier to get into than the Galliera. That was probably my only complaint was that my stuff would get all jumbled up and it became the black hole. Does the Artsy hold your stuff in place better or does everything still get kind of mixed around? I just love the look of this bag. :love: And congratulations Zodie! Saw the modeling photos and you look absolutely beautiful!
  11. I find it very easy to get into. It is open, not zipper.
  12. It should be easier to find stuff since it has seven interior pockets to keep things organized! :yahoo:
  13. I just bought the GM today! Like you, I LOVE having big bags and even though the MM is pretty good in size I still went for the just looked better to me. I will post some modeling pics today or tomorrow so that you can see.;)
  14. just started wondering why the LV US website is much more updated than european sites...have checked the rest of the sites but still cant find the LV Artsy...
  15. I didn´t find it either - we have to be patient :rolleyes: