Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

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  1. I can't stand Farrah. She acts so entitled. You chose to lay down and get pregnant, so don't blame your Mom if she doesn't want to watch your kid.
  2. Am i the only one who felt that Tyler kind of pressured Catelynne into adoption. i kind of got the vibe he was scared of the responsibility and stood behind adoption as a way of making himself feel better. I would imagine most people struggle with that kind of decision, Catelynne did, but Tyler not so much. I feel like Catelynne was afraid that keeping the baby would put a strain on her and Tyler's relationship so she let him influence her decision. I know it sounds very judgemental but i just kept thinking so you gave your child up for adoption and yet you are still having unprotected sex?
  3. ^I feel like it was a hard decision for both. I think Catelynne might have wanted to keep the baby, but realized that her living environment was not a good place for her child. Maybe Tyler helped her realize that, and I think Catelynne knows he's right. I don't know if it had anything to do with putting a strain on their relationship, but that would also be true. Overall, though, I think Catelynne and Tyler know that their child would suffer in that environment (as they did) and both would like to get out of it too, which would never happen if they kept Carly.
  4. I don't think so. If anything, it seems like he would be the one who would have been more likely to think maybe they could keep the baby, since he is the one who has a functional adult present.

    But any time Catelynn might have been tempted that way, all she had to do was consider just what she would be bringing it home to, I can't imagine that anyone would want to put a child in that kind of danger.
  5. Farrah bothers me too.

    I watch this show and my heart breaks for each and every one of those girls, but yet it's really hard not to judge them sometimes. I hope all those babies have happy childhoods and turn out okay :sad:
  6. am i the only one bother by amber she acts like a brat and i gary i do not like them
  7. I feel so bad for Amber. So many anger issues and she treats the poor guy like crap. I don't get what her moving out and into a motel is going to do. What happens when the money runs out? The poor guy works to support her and his child. I'm sure she will go running back very fast when she sees she can't do it. Her moving out will not solve any problems and will only add to her frustrations. And where is her mother? I remember her mom from her 16&P episode but haven't seen/heard of her since. Did they move far? I remember they showed his mom once and her dad but her dad seemed like he couldn't get rid of her faster.

    Uggghhh Farrah and that birth control. She doesn't even have a boyfriend and her mind is elsewhere. Concentrate on your baby, your job, and your school work. Its easy for her since she has a built in babysitter. And why did she call her dad "Michael" but calls her mother mom? Even in the preview for next week she screams "Shut the @#$% up Michael". Is it her real dad? He seems too quiet and the mother walks all over him. Farrah needs to realize her teenage years as a carefree, party girl are long gone.

    I wonder how long Ryan will actually change for? Its nice that they both have very supportive families. Hopefully things get better for them.

    And wasn't Catelynn living with Tyler before she moved back in with her mom and Butch? Hahahah Butch didn't seem drunk this episode but her mom always looks stoned or something. I feel bad that her mom puts her last. Kinda found it funny that Tyler's mom was being all strict with them but at least someone is trying to prevent them from making the same mistakes over!
  8. Exactly how I feel. One minute I'm thinking "Gosh you poor things" but then the other (like when Maci got back together with Ryan) I'm thinking "Are you really that stupid?"

    Amber and Gary's child doesn't stand a chance, Bentley has a halfway chance I think if Maci would just ditch Ryan for good, and sadly enough I think Farrah's baby has the best chance because Farrah's Mom seems to make sure she has her hand in raising the baby. If Farrah ever moves out I'm sure her baby will suffer for it.
  9. I don't think it's fair to just cast a man out of a child's life (unless he was a danger to him). I think Maci has a good head on her shoulders and is trying to give Ryan every opportunity to be in Bentley's life, as she should. She knows that a relationship between the 2 of them doesn't have to happen, which is a good thing. He seriously needs to step up, though. It is not easy to raise boys and have them be productive men. And, no mother can be a mother and a father. If I were in her shoes, I would allow my child's father to be there. Why slight your child because you can't get along with his dad?
  10. What irratates me about Amber and Gary is the amount of screaming, yelling, swearing, anger, and hostility that is exposed to that little girl. I hate when i see that. I would never do any of that in front of my kids (when i have some) just because they can pick up on it. Its not a good environment. I guess its good that Amber left if he was making her miserable but i think she will go straight back to their place.

    I agree Michie.....you can't take a child out of the father's life unless he is a danger to them. I felt so bad when Gary was crying after Amber left with the baby. He seemed crushed. As for Ryan, he seems like he wouldn't care if he didn't see his son for a few weeks. And since Farrah didn't involve her baby's father in her life, she will never get the chance to know her father since he died in a car crash. There was an article on it on another board. Very sad.
  11. I hate the way MTV describes the kids as "Maci's son" or "Amber's daughter" when they were/are living with the dads, too.
  12. Her whole family bothers me. Maybe her disinclination for contact reality is inherited.

    Would her father really want her to NOT be on birth control?

    "Don't go out" is not a good choice as a contraceptive method for anybody of any age, in any situation.

    Getting herself a NuvaRing was the first really sensible decision we have seen Farrah make!

    I guess this is another major takeaway from this show - when kids have kids, it is the grandparents upon whom the burden is most likely to fall. Something Farrah's parents don't seem to have thought through any more than Farrah thought about the high dollar cost of her choice to have the baby.

    She needs a higher paying job, she wails, and there is absolutely no sense of awareness that um, yeah, a lot of people do, and a lot of those people also have kids, and medical bills to pay, and many of them do not have parents to provide them with free housing and food.

    :lol: Sorry, it isn't funny, but Farrah's mom could potentially put Farrah's baby in the "worst chance of all" place - Even leaving alone the fact that she is the mother-from-hell, look what a train wreck Farrah is!

    :yes: It may actually a good thing for Maci to go ahead and satisfy herself on the subject of "working things out" with him, though. The sooner she is able to deposit that notion into its final resting place out by the dumpster, the sooner she can put her full energies into getting her life and that of her baby back on track.

    Well, she has A chance, and that chance will basically boil down to Gary's mom. If she is able to care for the child while Gary works, he might be able to keep her.

    If not, his only option will be to make someone who wants to raise a child very, very happy, but he will need to do it soon, in order to minimize the trauma to the baby!

    (We can safely stick a fork in Amber. She is dunzo, at least for now, and "now" happens to be when little Leah is growing up and needs something more than one parent with a low wage job can provide)

    Well, she gave him more than a year. And he is a danger, in the sense that Bentley is becoming more aware of his surroundings every day, and will be able to sense, with more unerring certainty than any adult, that any interest his father feigns is exactly that - feigned - though with what objective it is hard to say, he is clearly "not that into" Maci, he appears to be in that awkward place of not wanting her himself, yet resenting the idea that anyone else might have her, even that she might have her own self!

    To me, Ryan is maybe the most realistic hamster we have seen on any reality show.

    Sure it is easy to say that he needs to "step up," but he can't. There is no up for him to step yet.

    He is just a kid, and a very ordinary kid at that. He doesn't seem to be especially bright, there is no evidence of his having any particular interest or passion for anything.

    I think we see kids like Macy and Gary, and even Tyler and Catelynn, in their own way, and tend to forget that they all do exhibit extraordinary maturity and character and moral compass and all that stuff, (albeit in spots, as they are also still just kids). :smile:

    None of them are supposed to be grown up yet. In their culture, they are meant to still be children, living at home with and supported by their parents, going to school, and working on that growing up process.

    So it isn't fair for us to set the bar according to Maci, etc, and fault Ryan for being just an average teenaged boy. It's called "average" for a reason. We can't all be talented artists or erudite scholars or outstanding athletes, and we can't all be wise beyond our years and able to shoulder adult responsibilities and have the emotional development of an adult before we are out of puberty.

    On a more positive note - at least Catelynn was saved from the clutches of the awful people! :yahoo:
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    So I'm watching the Teen Mom marathon this morning and Maci seems like the only girl that has common sense and owns up to the reality of her situation. For some reason, I have a feeling that things are going to only get better for her and Bently.

    I can't say the same for the other girls though. For example, why doesn't Catelynn and Tyler realize that they gave their daughter up for adoption? They act like the adoptive parents are just "keeping her" or are babysitters or something. Did they not know what that meant? I see why they are still having unprotected sex... :sad:

    Farrah...well I'm hoping that at some point, reality will set in. She acts like her having a baby was about as significant as getting a new haircut. People may notice it, but it won't change your life at all. Poor girl.

    Amber and Gary are not going to last at all. They both need some serious counseling regarding what it takes to be a parent and how to make a relationship work. Gary needs to own up to the fact that he has a family to care for and that means more than just working. Amber needs to grow up and quit hopping on the phone to b*tch at Gary every time something doesn't go right. They have both got to work together and not against one another. Conflict resolution skills...hello?
  14. Does anyone know how the father of Farrahs baby died?

    i thought since her parents didnt want her to talk to him and since the show never said much abt him that maybe he was a drug dealer or something
  15. There was a link/post earlier in this thread saying he died in a car accident.