Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

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  1. I personally think this is the best show/documentary MTV has had in a long while. I really enjoyed watching "16 and Pregnant" and I'm very anxious to see "Teen Mom's" The couple who gave up their baby girl to adoption; that one really touched my heart. I love the bond and strong relationship those two have with each other it's adorable.

    Also Maci and her boyfriend Ryan? (I think that's his name) that one really hit home for me, b/c my cousin and his gf got pregnant and she's only 16. She is such a strong independant woman and I look up to her. Their little girl is now 8 months old and the cutest thing in this world. My cousin is still in denial about the whole situation I guess, he acts as if his little girl isn't even his and their situation is so identical to Maci's and Ryans.

    Who else loves this show?!
  2. I agree. That show, along with some of the True Life episodes, I thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait to see the updates.
  3. Yes I love True Life, I haven't seen any in a while but those 2 shows are probably the best MTV has.

    My favorite couple is Maci (well mostly Maci and Bently since Ryan doesn't want any part in his sons life)
  4. Can't wait for this to air tomorrow night. Loved the 16&P series as well. I cried so hard when that couple gave up that baby for adoption. When the family drove away and they said "Now she is going to start her own life".

    This show looks great, lots of drama, and just the realities of life. Farrah's mom reminds me of the mom from Meet the Parents. And that couple that gave the baby up, i think i heard on the show her mom and his dad are married??!! Can't wait to see what the season will bring and how they deal with their decision. And did you guys see the clip of that girl grabbing her bf up against the wall by the neck & yelling at him? I fell sorry for him. Thats the guy that returned the playstation!
  5. I really liked 16 and pregnant and it's so nice to see how their life's have changed after they had their babies. Maci and Farrah are my favorites. I hope that Maci will dump her bf since it seems he's really not ready for fatherhood or a real relationship.
  6. I will definitely have to check this out to see the updates on these teens.
  7. I saw one episode of 16 & Pregnant....I dunno what the girls name was - she was 16 (of course), had brown hair...was kind of ditsy?
  8. I will be watching, want to see whats going on their lives
  9. I'll be watching too. I really liked 16 and pregnant. I wonder why the other girls aren't going to be on the show? I wanted to find out what happened to the girl who wanted to join the airforce.
  10. *~*I loved 16 & Pregnant too...I think that this show will be *amazing*...can't wait to watch it tonight!!*~*
  11. What time does it air on tv tonight? East Coast time? lol I'm not anywhere near a tv to check the tv guide.
  12. I think at 10.
  13. OMG!!! Still makes you realize these kids are still kids....They're f$$$king like rabbits! Get it together, children!
  14. Tonights episode was amazing! I can't wait to see when Catlynn [however you spell her name] get's purposed to. [the couple who gave up their baby. I love those 2 b/c they have such a strong relationship it makes me happy!
  15. i forgot this was starting! i'll have to catch another showing of it.