Teen Mom's [16 & Pregnant]

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  1. Does anybody know what bag Farrah is ring on the episode How Many Chances? I think it's the 2nd episode, It's the big slouchy bag she is carring when she goes to her sisters apt. and gets blessed out. Please Help I really love it
  2. #62 Dec 23, 2009
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2009
    bump :smile:

    What did everyone think about the latest episode?

    Catelynne's "mom" and Tyler's "dad" kill me. Awful, awful parenting. Awful people. I really hope Catelynne and Tyler make it out okay.

    Amber seems to have really lost touch with reality. I hope Gary grows up and figures out a way to provide a stable household for little Leah. I'm still worried about that baby. :sad:

    I still really like Maci. :smile: I hope she stays separated from Ryan and gets on her feet.

    And Farrah is still shallow and immature. I think there's probably some pressure for her to be dating for the show, but still -- ugh.
  3. I can't agree more with your post!

    Amber really has some emotional issues. Gary is getting better but still has some things to work on, not picking up the phone because you are lying down is not ok. Esp when your fiance and daughter are stuck w/out a car. That slap was terrible though.

    Farrah is so delusional it's not even funny. I laughed when she said she didn't think a guy would leave her because she had a kid. Also when she said she didn't want to be a single mom forever, it hasn't even been a year!

    Ryan is so immature and clearly puts himself first. I hope Maci stays single, she seems to be the most mature of this group.

    I love Catelynne and Tyler. Her parents are a joke.
  4. tyler's dad needs to respect the fact that tyler and catelynn chose adoption and it wasn't because they didn't want their little girl! butch was so beyond wrong when he said he'd rather live in his truck and knock at doors asking for food and at least be able to hold his own baby. seriously, he thinks that's the better life for a baby?

    maci is a great mother IMO. she sacrifices a lot for her child and she's very aware of what it means to be a teen mom unlike farrah who constantly dumps her daughter on her parents to watch so she can go hang out with some loser guy who doesn't want a commitment. anyone notice farrah's mom's chanel? lol.

    ryan always seems to be in a daze, and he doesn't seem to take anything seriously. hello, your fiance left you and took your son, and you sit there claiming you could forget everything and start over? work on being a better father and SO!

    i cracked up when gary said he's doing his part (while sitting on a chair eating). poor amber and baby leah :sad: gary is an ass for not picking her up right away and refusing to let her borrow his car.
  5. But he has a job! And goes to school. I think he was actually at work when she was calling and demanding a car.

    I can kind of see where she's coming from. She's depressed and feels stuck in the house (and probably stuck generally). But I didn't think it was fair that she got soooo mad at Gary about it. Maybe the solution is her driving him to and from work -- plenty of people get by with one car -- but I don't think it's him giving her his car, or her yelling at him that he can't support his family because her car breaks down.

    And then there was the whole thing with her dad. Honestly, she's looking more and more mentally unstable.

    I do agree that it was bad that he decided to ignore his phone and take a nap when he knew that Amber had a bad car and a baby. He still has a good amount of growing up to do. I hope he does it because that baby needs someone.
  6. ITA about the driving to work part. I think that he didn't get the messages about the car or he probably would have come sooner. I think MTV cuts out too much of conversations and we aren't getting the whole story.
  7. have i missed the second eposide, when was it on?
  8. My God...I couldn't understand WTH was going on last night. Amber's begging for her boyfriend's van, Butch still giving these kids a hard time about adoption. Does he not understand that these kids do not need to "hillbilly" this child in the surroundings they're in?? Butch looks like an inspiration for a "King Of The Hill" character and that whole family is jacked up. Thank God these kids had enough sense to give that child a chance at a half-way decent life with stable parents! Now, hopefully, Catelynn doesn't become a MTV mainstay on shows like this by getting pregnant again. Farrah...Jesus, take the wheel...this girl needs to realize her *life* has changed. Most teen boys don't want to be daddies, so having a kid will definitely throw a monkey wrench in her plans. I didn't see much of Maci's story, but I absolutely LOVE her boyfriend's parents and the advice they give them. It's just a shame that all that talk has not motivated Ryan one bit.
  9. I was kind of annoyed by his dad last night asking what it's gonna take to fix their relationship. Hello your son is a douche and I highly doubt it has never been mentioned to you. He should have been taking his son aside and telling him to man up instead of sitting them both down together.
  10. I think his dad does that because it is painfully obvious that these 2--- especially him---have communication issues. Ever since the show premiered and she was pregnant, his dad has been trying to pull answers from Ryan. It's crazy, but I can definitely understand this man trying to keep them together and teaching them that you can't bail on each other like another person is not involved. I want to bottle him up and pass him to a LOT of people.
  11. I was also kind of ticked off at Ryans parents for trying to get them to stay together by mentioning how Bentley would be raised by a step mom and step dad one day. HELLO! Its life. Things happen, especially when you are so young and the first guy you have a relationship and sleep with isn't ususally who you end up with for the rest of your life. The fact that these two arent working out isn't a huge surprise. Its life but with a baby thrown in which makes things a little stickier.
  12. I agree!

    My guess is that they think that the best thing for *Ryan* would be to grow the eff up and be a dad to his kid and a partner to Maci. But I don't think he's going to do that and I think it's totally fair (and the right thing for her) for Maci to say "enough" and focus on herself and raising her baby.

    Basically, I think they're looking out for their kid and not Maci. Nor do I think it's the best thing for Bentley to live with unhappy parents.
  13. LOL. If he wasn't an abusive a-hole he would more funny. Seriously, the man is such a caricature and he has no idea! Dumbass spent his kid's life in prison and is telling someone else how to parent?!?
  14. i think the chubby girl is spoiled you cant alwaysget a new car . what kind of job does garry have anyway ? she just has to use her used car
  15. That is so not a question that should be asked where I can see it.

    Because I will tell you, and you are going to get carpal tunnel as a result.

    I understand that earnest, noble little Maci wants her son to 'know his father," and probably on some level cherishes some illusion that in a brilliant flash of Epiphany, Ryan is going to suddenly realize that he loves both her and the baby more than he loves breathing air.

    Anybody with a heart can't help but wish that would happen for her, but anybody with the sense God gave a cement yard goat knows that the chances of that happening, well, don't exist.

    For his part, Ryan has gone out of his way to make it abundantly clear that he is not that into Maci, to put it politely, and while he may feel some vague sense that he should feel something for the baby, he doesn't.

    Contrary to popular rosy myth, everyone who reproduces is not immediately - or ever - seized by an ineffable and all-consuming love of a depth and ferocity they have never known for their biological offspring. And that's OK.

    There is, however, no need for the offspring to know that, much less have to experience it.

    Little Bentley has, as far as we can tell, a totally amazing mom, and he is better off with that totally amazing mom and no father at all than with one who loves neither him nor his mother.

    I'm pretty certain that once Maci moves over and through that sad truth, that little Bentley will not be without a father for long, and some lucky man will arrive on the scene and delightedly shower them both with all the happily ever after they can eat.

    If there is one point that this show hammers home, it is that these are indeed kids having kids.

    Even in the best-possible case scenario, where we see them grow up overnight, like Gary, or move steadily and resolutely into adulthood like Maci, or leave us both moved and a little bit in awe, by demonstrations of wisdom and maturity that would be impressive in people several times their age, they still remind us that with or without having babies at 16, we all grow up in spurts and spots.

    Maci has her girlhood dreams of her high school boyfriend, Catelyn and Tyler had unprotected sex as soon as she was healed from childbirth, and neither Gary nor Catelyn have been sprinkled with the magic grown-up dust that enables us to refrain from "engaging" with people when there is nothing to be gained by doing so, even when those people are our own adult family members.

    Truth be told, there are plenty of people who never get a full coat of that magic dust, as many a returned holiday traveler will ruefully attest. :smile:

    Farrah and Amber are more "typical," I guess.

    "I never thought I'd get dumped just because I have a baby," Farrah marvels. Considering her home life with the mother-from-hell, it is more than understandable that reality contact would not hold a great attraction for her, but as a viewer, watching an innocent child left in the vat of the same toxins that have caused Farrah's retreat into a sort of vague dream-world where even a casual date or two instantly transforms, in her hazy vision, an unsuspecting college boy into a potential husband and babydaddy, is hard to watch.

    And all the more so because Farrah has real and viable means of escape, but lacks even the minimal perceptive skills to recognize them, much less use them.

    Amber comes across as just a ganglion of cliches, a poster child for every reason children having children is a bad idea. Even if she had never gotten pregnant, and were just another kid living at home, she would still be struggling with the task of that life, of just getting through high school. Suddenly plopped into the triple roles of parent, adult, partner in a relationship, and utterly devoid of skills or ability to handle any of the three, her only option is collapse.

    Poor little Gary, having so rapidly grown up and so bravely manned up, appears doomed now to either attempt to bumble through single teen-aged fatherhood or face the agonizing prospect of the same wrenching decision that was for Tyler and Catelynn the only decision, but in Gary's case it will be even worse - he has already more than bonded with his little girl, he has re-defined himself as her father in every sense - but without even the semblance of a partner, of a mother for the baby, how can he care for her? Unless his own parents are willing to step in and care for little Leah while he works, or support the two of him while he cares for her, what choice does he have?

    Promos of the next episode are always deliberately suspenseful, and we can hope for the best, but the scene of Catelynn in this week's tease was particularly chilling.

    If her mother wishes to try to force her to move with them to Richmond, Catelyn will either be separated from the only loving and healthy presences in her life, and hauled off to God-knows-what horrific fate at the hands of her dysfunctional parent and her crazed paramour, or she will become a juvenile fugitive, which circumstance would almost certainly put Tyler's mother in an impossible position.

    No responsible adult, indeed no person of common decency, could advise any child, much less one with whom they had a longstanding and loving relationship, to go anywhere with Catelynn's mother and her husband, yet protecting her son's underage girlfriend
    could put her in a difficult legal situation.

    Tragically, of the four, Maci's is the only story that it is possible to imagine ending well, for anyone involved.