Talk to me about Lizard

  1. Hi everyone,
    I fell in love with lizard, I know it's hard to take care and fragile..
    Any lizard owners out there, can you share your experience with it!

    TIA :flowers:

    Here's some eye candy! credits: eBay :drool: :drool:
  2. I just bought a Black Bearn 6 keyholder in lizard! I haven't used it though, I've been admiring it until I graduate from college then I get to use it! :yes:
  3. Is lizard really that fragile?
  4. I have a lizard coin purse for the early 80's, and it gets used and abused everyday, and it's still in perfect condition.
  5. I have a vintage ivory Lizard bag (not H) from the late 50's early 60s..It looks beautiful. I think peeling, splitting and such occurs if you abuse it, but the same thing can happen to boxcalf as well.
  6. I'm in love with lizard too:drool: Great thread princessfrog!
    Is it true that there's very little they can do for it during refurbishment? Especially if your bag is dry?
    Does wear show that easily (handles and corners)?
    I've had a pair of lizard shoes years ago (not H though)that were ruined in a minute, they peeled very easily.
    Is it just as expensive as croc or a little bit less or a bit more?
  7. Just curious, is it H or non H?
  8. Thanks for bringing up that topic, PF! :flowers:

    I am considering to purchase a lizard agenda at the moment that my SA offered to me past Saturday...

    I was also wondering how to take care of this leather best, when it's an object of daily use.
    Does it stain easily and is that why it is recommended to have it turned in to Hermès on an annual basis?

    TIA for any piece of advice!
  9. i've just heard that sometimes the scales can lift over time...:shrugs:
  10. I hear that too, HL...
    apparently it happens if the skin desiccates and is extremly difficult to restore.

    However, it can be done supposedly...Would really appreciate to hear from someone it has already happened to and who has managed to get it repaired :shrugs:
  11. I wonder if you can keep it from drying out with proper care, leather treatment etc.
  12. That's what happend to my shoes I was takling about, and I was explained that once the scales have lifted you can't put them back *down* and there's nothing you can do.
  13. :wtf:

    I wonder if H might have a super-secret way of refurbishing it...
    I tend to think they can accomplish ANYTHING :lol:
  14. Princessfrog, I'm in love with that vert anis lizard too.

    I've seen black lizard kellys up close and personal, but that's about it. I have a preconceived notion in my head somehow that lizard will get dried out and peel fairly quickly - but I don't know where I got it from! I don't own any lizard. I have been told though that once your H bag starts to peel or crack, that's it. no hope. And this was from a very reputable source. So I guess that's why I never bought lizard - yet!
  15. That is exactly what i read too, once it peels off and that's it. But what if care is taken not to let it dry out... so would it last for a long time?
    Quinn's Mom's non-H bag sounds good for a vintage bag..
    do smaller item survive better (maybe not after thinking about TT's shoes) Urgh!

    That Chocolate lizard is so d**n delicious! :love: