Super Tiny But I'm Still Excited...Reveal!!!

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  1. Thank you! :smile:
    :tender: Love them, thank you!
    Yes, they are!! I'm going to try really hard to let this be all of my Cles Collection. The Pomme is such an amazing red though and goes with everything so well.
    Totally agree! Thank you! :smile:
  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely :biggrin: I want this trio too.
  3. love it!
  4. I highly recommend them. I think my favorite may be the DE but I love them all. Thanks!
    Thank you! :smile:
  5. Thank you so much for your helpful response :smile: you seem so organised haha you really have it planned as to how you will use them! I think I might have to invest in another one - your reveals always make me need things haha. Thank you again and enjoy your wonderful goodies :biggrin:
  6. Love your adorable cles triplets! Congrats :smile:
  7. You're very welcome! I try to think about a new piece for a while before I sell/buy because I don't want to have any regrets. Everyone's reveals make me 'need' things too. :lol: If you're going to get it anyway, might as well be before the increase. :graucho: Thanks, I sure will!
    Thank you! :smile:
  8. All three colours! I love them! :smile: I have the Mono and it's quite handy!
  9. Perfect:love eyes: congrats
  10. I looooove them!!! All 3!!
  11. They really are. I'm very impressed with these and by how deep they are (they looks smaller than the other style I had). It doesn't look like you could put that much inside but it holds a ton. Thanks!
    Thank you! :smile:
    So do I...:tender: They are the most adorable little things ever. Thanks!
  12. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful reveal. I got my Key pouch today after seeing your reveal. I couldn't decide on DE/ mono but finally decided on mono. IMHO, the Key pouch pricing is very good for such a multifunctional item.
  13. Too funny...I love "THEIR" modeling shots. Congrats on all.
  14. This is the cutest reveal, Congrats on your new clefs. The are all so cute, now you are making me want another, haha Enjoy them! :smile:
  15. congrats on all!