Super Tiny But I'm Still Excited...Reveal!!!

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  1. Thanks! :smile:
    Aww thank you! :hugs: I try to show all the ways that someone might use them because I LOVE when other members do that. I'm always surprised by some of the clever ideas that people come up with here.
    Thanks, I'm glad that you think so. :biggrin:
    They are, love these little guys. Thanks.
    Thank you! :smile:
    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Love it!! Congrats!!
  3. Thank you, I sure will. :smile:
    So do I, so cute. Thank you!
    Thanks! :smile:
    The cutest, love them! Thank you! :smile:
    Thank you! :smile:
    You're very welcome! :smile:
  4. Thank you! :smile:
  5. Can I ask, what influenced you to buy it in all 3 canvas prints? Was it your new neverfull purchases? I only have mono and pomme but I'm so tempted to get DA... Just worried I won't use it if I have 3. Do you plan on using each one with a matching print bag? Thank you!
  6. Your out of control!!!! Love them all!! Congrats :biggrin:
  7. great collection!! congrats! 😃👏👍
  8. Sure. I had all three prints in LE Key Pouches but felt like the silk screen logo was kind of putting limits on the way I'd use the pieces (esp. with Emp). I wanted the plain Key Pouches because I'll use them more often. I actually thought about going with one Pomme instead of all three because that color goes beautifully with all three prints but in the end, I prefer the canvas one. I don't use Azur as often as the other prints because I don't wear my Azur bags as often but I still like having it. I will wear each one with the matching print unless I'm wearing Empreinte. I'll use DE with it Earth and DE or DA with Infini. You're very welcome!
  9. Technically, I haven't spent a dime. I sold the others and bought these. ;) Thank you!
    Thank you! :smile:
  10. Great choices, they are wonderful pieces, and congrats.
    I also have 3 cles; mono cherry, DE, and epi black.
    Enjoy them!
  11. Thank you! Love the Cerises collection, that Cles is the cutest. :smile:
  12. Great little trio. Congrats!
  13. What a sweet set of triplets!! Congrats! :smile:
  14. I did the same a year or so ago! Then I added a Pomme vernis (old small style) and a black MC. They are addicting! And useful!
  15. small - but beautiful pieces! congrats :smile: