Super Tiny But I'm Still Excited...Reveal!!!

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  1. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day! :hbeat: I recently decided to make some changes to my SLG collection. The ones that I had in this style were very cute and I loved them but I felt like they didn't always go with my bags and what I was wearing. I wanted something a little more versatile that I could use anytime and with any bag (dressy or casual). So I went shopping and this arrived today...


    Hopefully someone is around for a tiny reveal!
  2. Yay! Here!!
  3. YAY! I'm ready for multiple :smile:
  4. Here!!
  5. here!!
  6. Here:smile:
  7. Here!
  8. :roflmfao: ;)
  9. Here we go! :smile:

  10. Hmm...wonder what those could be? :thinking:

  11. Ooooo
  12. OMG! Please open!
  13. Cles cles and CLES!!!
  14. I know, nothing super cool but I'm still super excited about them. Key Pouch in Damier Ebene, Monogram and Damier Azur.



    They will be modeling next...:graucho:
  15. :yes: