Super Tiny But I'm Still Excited...Reveal!!!

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  1. All three are perfect! Enjoy!!!!
  2. I'd have to agree. :biggrin: Thank you so much!
  3. Your triplets are so cute, Congrats:smile:
  4. They are and I love them to pieces. :hbeat: Thanks, I'm really enjoying them.
  5. Congrats on scoring MIF x 3!
  6. Thank you, it was a nice surprise. :biggrin:
  7. i see you been a busy lady ;) love your new trio!
  8. Congrats and enjoy x 3! :biggrin:
  9. :lol: I stay busy. Hoping to hear that I that I lucked out on a bracelet that had low stock, no news yet though. Thanks!
    Thank you! :smile:

  10. Yes I hope you hear something very soon!
  11. Me too! I thought I had it in the bag when she said 20 but every day that goes by without a call is making me not so sure. I guess I should've called my SA because I know it would've been shipped by now. Last time calling the 866 number to order an out of stock online item. :hysteric: