Summer 2020!!!!

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  1. Well I sent the rouge otg off with ups today. It was very sad but I know I made the right choice. Now I have to wait until Tuesday for my neverfull bc it shipped from California yesterday. Usually my items ship from Jersey and I get them the next day. These days of waiting will be pure torture.
    the OTG was made in USA. I am curious- where are the neverfulls made?
  2. Well the Kirigami & Speedy are going back. I am keeping the cosmetic. I was thinking of buying a PM anyway, and this one is so pretty. Thinking of snagging a Bleu Neverful if I can.
  3. The Kirigami are so cute! May I ask why you are sending back?
  4. I have a DE TP26 which I bought in 2003 and have used it quite heavily over the past 17 years mainly when I’m travelling (I travel a lot) and loading up fully with toiletries, combs and brushes has never been a problem even though the base has always been a bit saggy. The same with the Race TP26 from a couple years ago although that one I use more as a clutch. I’m not sure I’d say it was a design flaw because last year’s Giant TP26 which I also have (I don’t have an addiction I promise!) had a firmer base by virtue of the 2 canvases joining at the bottom but I’m wondering why the canvas are different thicknesses with each edition? For me I’m not fussed as it’s still functional and as long as there aren’t any obvious issues I’ll be looking forward to receiving mine next week.
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  5. Why did you return it?
  6. Why did you return the speedy?
  7. Just FYI - UPS made me sign for my delivery today. I know they aren’t for some, but if you’re counting on not having to sign, just be aware.
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  8. Any idea what your date code was? Mine is SD 1210 which is odd to me
  9. Is yours made in USA? I think SD stands for San Dimas, 11th week year 2020
  10. Thank you! I thought they refer to the month they were made, not the week. Oops
  11. I just didn’t feel like it was worth the price. After tax it’s almost $3000 and when I held it I didn’t feel like I was holding a $3000 bag. I can’t even articulate why. I can’t even articulate why. When I first held my jungle otg I was head over heels in love and it was worth every penny. That’s how I need to feel about all of my bags. I’m definitely insane though haha. I have high hopes for the neverfull. I don’t really have a mid sizeS bag (just really big or small) so I think this will fill a need.
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  12. Thanks for the feedback. I ordered the blue NF, I hope it like it...
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  13. I mostly got it to have something in each print. I've had Krigami's before and never used them. I decided just to be real and not spend 1K+ on something I probably won't use.

    The Speedy is beautiful. I just really find the 30 too big. I may go for the Bleu Neverfull if I can find it. I see you said you ordered it, please post some pics and let us know how you like it. :smile:
  14. I’ve been looking at it every day online :giggle:

    It depends on how the escale pieces look in person, otherwise I’m deciding between escale Zoe and this blue one.
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  15. I have never used my kirigami set either. It just seemed like people are returning their escale items ...
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