Summer 2020!!!!

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  1. #721 Mar 25, 2020 at 9:03 PM
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020 at 10:09 PM
    Thank you for your honest assessment on the Escale items you purchased :heart:
    Hopefully those who love their purchases and plan to keep them do not encounter these or any other types of issues with their products :flowers:
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  2. @Purselover724 I am not disappointed. It was not meant to be and I can continue to enjoy my other bags and SLGs.

    @BooYah My pleasure! I never overlook quality for anything I buy. I really hope no one else has those quality issues.
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  3. I’m sorry your pieces lacked the quality we should expect to receive @EmmJay

    The quality of my Speedy is good. I have a Cosmetic and Kirigami coming tomorrow. I will see about those.

    I am interested in what people think of the Neverfull Quality.
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  4. @EmmJay thanks alot for sharing those images. Is the gap at the zipper considered a defect? I had thought it was a standard design. (as it's my first MP I never knew that)
    Noticed my one has the "sagging" base too. Is this also considered defect?

    Mine is MIF.
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  5. The gap at the zipper is normal. However, one of the zippers (the one on the right) would not remain zipped. It would roll back to the way it is shown in the pic (the one on the right). The sagging of the TP26 is not a defect but the gaps in the canvas on the sides of the base are a defect. If you look closely, you don’t see the gaps in all corners. Look at what I circled, which is correct. All corners should be like the one I circled but they’re not.

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  6. Congrats TK, love that colour!:heart:
    TY for notifying me, it's much appreciated. My store is neither in Ontario nor Quebec so I will keep you posted on any shopping success:smile:
    Fingers crossed for that NF to work!:heart::heart::heart:
    I have to admit the red-pink colour way is growing on me - just the right balance of brightness, pop-of-colour & feminine chic at the same time. GL:smile:
  7. I’ve been wondering if ON and QC are on 14-day lockdown, if LV would choose to re-open the stores in the provinces that don’t, or just wait to re-open everything at once? I’m in AB and so far no 14-day quarantine yet but who knows what’ll happen in the next week...
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  8. Yeah
  9. I was just able to order the Toiletry 26 in the Blue via the website! I'm so excited! I thought it was going to be really difficult to secure.
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  10. Currently, my info is that other provinces are still set to reopen. I suspect it will be a rolling re-opening schedule dependant on each Province's unique medical standing or handle on the virus. My CA confirmed that my original 2 waitlist items were indeed stock allocated for their store's reopening so I'm not stressing over it. Agreed: who knows what will happen next? It's such a fluid situation - no one can predict any future changes...

    I'm just focused on keeping our fellow Canadian-LVoers apprised of updates. Health & safety first, LV second:smile:
  11. Definitely wasn’t trying to question your info source, was genuinely wondering what LV would do. From a business perspective I wonder (again, just wondering out loud, not contradicting your info) if it’s even worthwhile to reopen a store where there may be very little traffic compared to “normal” times, especially if other business around are remaining closed or just about to close.

    Of course, my store is in a mall and that mall has remained open although very few stores are actually open.

    The other thing I wonder is if LV would put their employees at potential risk by sending them back to work when cases are still peaking. Ending my post here as I’m not trying to turn this into another virus discussion. Just genuine questions I’ve been considering.

    Thanks for the info.
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  12. Haha sorry you read it like that. Typing as concisely as possible while watching a movie :lol:

    Honestly, I have no idea what tomorrow brings - just relaying what I know from my CA's updates...
  13. No, I didn’t read your post like that but I like to get ahead and preface some of my posts that I feel may come off as argumentative :smile:
  14. All good. That's what TPF is for: sharing & helping:smile:

    :heart::heart::heart:I have my fingers crossed for everyone's health, job security & safety around the world, so this Bday Speedy for me is the least of my worries:heart:
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  15. Do it!!
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