Summer 2020!!!!

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  1. I am shaking my head- to pay so much for such obvious defects. I really hope they take these out of inventory but I'll bet they just get resold.
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  2. LOL pausing my movie for the 5th time to share this news. That's it. Goodnight!
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  5. I just got the TP26 Escale and you are right it is missing the structure that this style usually has. I'm torn because the blue is very pretty, but I'm not sure I feel good about loading it up with the saggy/thin base.
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  6. Just collected my Mini pochette & yeah, I see the same problems with the zip. I’m still gonna keep them anyway but just feel a little upset with the lack of quality this launch.

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  7. Your first photo is so trippy... the way you have it placed a little higher, the one shown on the top looks so much bigger. I was thinking "how is she not saying the size difference is a defect?!?!" :lol:
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  8. yupp I also believe it’ll be relisted again
  9. When I put my organizer in it, it did not help with structuring the base. It’s a design flaw and coupled with the other quality issues returning it was the only option for me. Good luck in your decision.
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  10. If it was shipped to me, it will be shipped to another client. I cannot overlook quality no matter the brand because I know I won’t enjoy using the item.
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  11. Thank you - my wallet also thanks you!
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  12. WOW!!!! Thank you for your informative review of these products.
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  13. Absolutely- I am so glad you addressed the issues immediately. Unfortunately, they likely will be resold and possibly to someone who does not know to inspect or not until it is too late (>30 days).

    And yes- my wallet also thanks you for your public service. Much appreciated.
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  14. 45 now! :lol:
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