Stacking -- too much already?

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  1. Thanks Luvbolide!!!
  2. Lunch next time you're in my neck of the woods, pretty please!!!
  3. Glad you like it too!:hugs::
  4. Carlinha, thanks! From you this is high praise! BTW, I saw the pic of you and your STUNNING Kelly. You both look gorgeous!
  5. Thanks!
  6. etoupebirkin, this is so beautiful.. Thank you for sharing!
  7. OMG!! WOW!! Congratulations on that!! :woot: I can only dream....
  8. Thank you for your kind Words!

    Your ring is absolutely exquisit! I have seen some of your jewelry and they are one of a kind, Amazing taste and you also seem to pic items with a grand history! You have excellent taste my dear!! Thank you for the information about your wonderful ring! A piece of art!
  9. Just woke up from fainting.... I have been WOWED by many of your stacks IRL but this takes the cake dear! *clapping wildly*
  10. What a fabulous stack, etoupebirkin :tup:!
  11. Adore your stack! It is classy and gorgeous! I love my Chaine D'Ancre as well! Stack away if it looks this good. :smile:
  12. Massive stacking doesn't appeal to me. Visuals aside it's simply quite uncomfortable to move around with so many bands encircling the forearm.