Stacking -- too much already?

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  1. Well ... you kind of are now! :P

    :back2topic: please.

    It is, for those who need refreshing, about stacking, yes or no. No need to offer descriptives of those who choose to stack, those who choose not to, or why.

  2. Agree. I love stacking when it is smartly executed with variations in textures and brands. I despise it when it's incoherent and plainly a display of what someone owns. I think if it is done creatively stacks are good in my books!

    And thanks for starting this counter thread. It's refreshing.
  3. I'm with you. I like stacking when it's done right (whether it's a tasteful one or a crazy one as long as it suits the personality of the owner, i.e. Rachel Zoe with her crazy stacks). I remember I saw one girl on Instagram had about 100K worth of Cartier love bracelets on when she's going to the gym. I just :lol:ed.
  4. This. To have fun with it and not just wear it as an ad for what you´ve got.

    I really apreciate looking at other peoples stacks etc. even though they may not be my taste I still like to look and get inspiration. I Think it is kind to take the time to post and show and also recount the various colours, sizes, brands et all. That is good information in my book, no matter what the stack is.:smile:
  5. Thank you!

    Thanks! I Think they look great wheather on their own or stacked with other bracelets. Thank you for the info re the screws, I remember Reading about that here! I have never tried one on so I am unsure if I am a 16 or 17, I do like them fitted, and I guess I wouldn`t mind the cuff either. I Think our dear Beth has the cuff apart from a few Loves, I will ask her which one she prefers.

    I have missed your posts:P
  6. Re the original question by the OP: I don´t Think I am tired of seeing the stacks, not here anyway. IG is a different World and with so many more Pictures that it can easily become overwhelming! I sometimes get tired of the same poses etc and I know I am guilty of it myself. I can promise that I do get incredibly tired of myself too!:P:lol:
  7. I love seeing them gives me ideas for my next purchases:smile:

  8. Kat - I love you (and your stacks ) :hugs:
  9. Awww, you know I love you;) !
  10. Aww, you are a sweetheart :smooch:.

    As for the size, I could do 16, but I kept in mind that maybe my wrists will swell a little bit in summer. I also kept in mind that in case I would gain quite some weight in the future (I hope not but one never knows), the 16 might would get too tight. So I went for size 17 and I am very happy with that size, it sits very comfy.

    Good luck with your hunt for a Love bangle/cuff, I am already looking forward to your new stacks with it :graucho:.

    And to go back on topic to OP's orginial question, I think it's obvious that I am not tired yet of seeing all different kind of stacks :P.
  11. You're welcome!
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    Well said, Carlinha!! It is definitely a matter of personal taste and enjoyment. I get a big kick out of seeing what others wear, even though I know it wouldn't suit me. And I always love seeing the beautiful H colors mixed together...even if it is only done for photos!! But I definitely prefer the look of bold jewelry and not dainty jewelry...but you know what they say, to each his or her own!!
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    Took this at a local mall
    A huge set of photos in their windows

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  14. Some days I'm a stacker and some days I go simple ... But I LOVE all the stacking pics on TPF (oh, and the non-stacking pics). Guess I'm just easy to please! LOL

  15. Don't post much because of threads like this one!

    I love your stacks L64, it's who you are. I knew w/o you telling us that you don't wear all the bracelets at a time, just shows your creativity.
    Some people in this forum afraid of color, they should stick to their tans and black

    Just like that H watch w/ diamonds and diamond H bracelet represents that lady.

    Comments about tacky and teenager's pix of stacking...

    Now this may be edited out...what is tacky is posting your bags for sale on various websites!