speedy lovers and haters, how many is "ok"?

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  1. I'm loving the speedy! I have a mono 25 and a damier 30. I would really love to add a mono 30, i just have to have it because it's so gorgeaus and a true staple. I also really like to add a black epi 25. That will come to a total of 4.

    I also have a batignolles and a mono pochette and i'm probably going to seel the BH because it wont stay on my shoulder. I want a few more pochettes dough.

    I really want to buy bags that last me a long time. I'd like to have a Fendi spy for example but i don't buy it because it wont last me long enough and i'm not a millionaire.

    Do you think it's stupid to buy so many speedys? My collection will be speedy's, pochettes and maybe 1 or 2 designer shoulder bags.
  2. I don't think you can ever have too many speedies! I have a mono 25 (my daughter is stealing it all the time), a mono 30 and a Damier 25. I pretty much live attached to the mono 30! I would like a black epi Speedy too!
  3. If thats what you love, then go ahead and buy 100 speedys if you want !! :P Go ahead with what feels right !
  4. I think you should buy as many as you like, as long as you love them, that's all that matters. I only have 2 but I'm dying to add more, especially in epi.
  5. The same thing may happen to you that happened to me on the mono (and I was warned by another PFM) - After I got the 30, the 25 didn't get as much use because I just LOVE the 30 so much! It is just so carefree - and holds so much and is easier to get in and out of and isn't that much bigger. Get the 30 for everyday and use the 25 if you are going out in the evening where you don't need as much.
  6. ITA!! OOOhhh, I love this comment!! LOL!!!!!!!:graucho:


    In the pic above I have 5. Number 6 is on it's way!!!!!!(should be here Wed.):yahoo: ...and Number 7, sometime in Jan. when they get more in stock (Azur). So...I'll have a Grand Total of 7!!!!!!!!!!!! WORKING on the 100!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:

    I LOVE 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i was thinking about this too! i have a mono 25 and this week i'm getting my epi 25 and my damier 30. lol. and the thing is i like shoulder bags better. but i love the shape of these (and the affordability!)
  8. I say get as many as you want! The speedy is my favorite LV style bag and I plan on getting one from each line. I already have the cerises speedy, the mono 30 speedy, the white MC speedy 30, and the damier speedy 25. I have a silver miroir speedy on it's way and in the near future I also plan on purchasing an epi speedy and an azur one as well. I don't see anything wrong with having alot of speedies if you love them! :yes:
  9. I LOVE the shape and that it's soooo classic and won't ever go out of style!!!!!!!:yes: Also that it can be worn with ANYTHING....dressed up, or casual. There are no rules!!!!!!! ...also the affordability works!!!!!!!!!!!:P

    ...ON LIVE THE SPEEDY!!!!!!!!! :rochard:
  10. I'd say one of each there is, is definitely ok :graucho:
  11. I say buy what you love!! If that means having 10 speedys then go for it!!
  12. OOOOOO, I likey!!! ITA!!!!!!!!!!! YEP YEP!:yahoo: Sounds good to me!!:wlae:
  13. to me a different color/line is a different bag. i have 4 Speedies, and might be getting a 5th one

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  14. I love Mono 30....its doesn't look big yet holds a lot!

    Its a classic so go ahead and get another one.

    This style lasts forever.
  15. I agree, never too many speedy.If you love the shape,,why not?? different color is different bag,just like Balenciaga bags...:P ;)