Southern California Road Trip

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  1. Diddi Reese is still around? Cookies were only 25 cents when I lived there in Westwood.
  2. ^^Still around, although they have raised their prices to 35 cents per cookie and $1.25 per ice cream sandwich since I last visited my sis at UCLA.
  3. there was a place on beverly a while back called throckmortons, or something like that. that was the best burger joint ever!!! haagen daz shakes!
  4. Hey, don't feel bad. I'm a native who remembers when City Hall was the tallest building downtown, and it helps if you went to college around here, too! It gets in the DNA, don'tcha know!
  5. Boooooooooo! Trojans rule!:roflmfao:
  6. oooooo..Didi Reese...oooo Apple Pan...getting hungry...Too bad Moustache Cafe closed- yummy souffles! Philippe's is good, if you're by downtown!

    HG, you might also consider going to Century City, I've heard they updated and the food area is supposed to be pretty good.
  7. WHAT?!? Moustache Cafe closed?!? What a bummer! I loved that place--we had our rehearsal dinner there.
  8. So as things stand right now, it looks like we have a six-day trip planned for you, with four meals a day, minimum.
  9. ^^^^^lol!!!!

    It will be interesting to see how things have changed.
  10. Indeed it would. This thread reminded me that it's been 8 years since I packed up and left LA (and not been back since). A lot of new places i haven't heard about, but I'm comforted to read about some familiar places.
  11. Bet you weren't saying that during the ULCA-USC game.......................:P :nuts:
  12. HG, go check out the Goldilocks Fil bakeshop in case that is something that you miss, they have multiple stores in SoCal.....
  13. Hee hee....:whistle:
  14. Ha-ha:roflmfao: ...Keep in mind that was only one game out of many:P
  15. oh the food court is quite nice indeed. at first i missed having it at ground level for the people watching, but it gets so much traffic up on the second floor that there is no real drop in the action.