Southern California Road Trip


Orange crush
Feb 12, 2006
Well, next week I'll be flying over to the other side of the country to visit my parents in Central California. Ideally, I'd like to hit both Beverly Hills and South Coast Plaza. This is, of course, after I hit the J. Paul Getty Museum, which I have yet to see. Is this reasonable? Am I crazy? I am not looking for SA recommendations as I don't really shop at any other store other than NYC (that would be like cheating on my SA). I'll be there to critique the stores and their personnel.:graucho: I would like some recommendations as to what times are best to avoid traffic, where I can park, and places to eat around the vicinity of each store. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avoid traffic?:roflmfao: If people have gone away it won't be too bad, but it seems like there are cars out all the time. Is there an off time? It is hard to say because during the holidays things are not the ususal. Traffic starts about 6:30am and about 3pm. It does move, it isn't as bad as the LIEx which was a
parking lot when I was growing up in NY.

Have you been to the Getty before? If not, wear thick soled shoes as the walking surfaces are very hard outside. It is a place where you are outside as well as in. Very windy and bright because of the light surfaces.

Spago (for lunch, sit on the patio)or Mastro'sin Bev Hills (near boutique) or new Wolfgang Puck Steakhouse in the Bev Wilshire Hotel. All the trendy industry types and actors etc are in Aspen skiing after Christmas so I don't know how much people watching you will be able to do. There is good parking in Bev Hills because they have many municipal lots. Bring lots of quarters for the meters. Be careful driving they have lots of cops and cameras everywhere to give automated tickets!

PM me if there is anything else I can tell you.
In Beverly Hills, if you have a Saks First card, you can park for free at Saks. Also, the best time to go to BH is usually around 11 or 12 noon. AT SCP, the best time to go is also around 12 noon as traffic usually starts around 2-3pm until about 7pm. SCP has extended holiday hours, so you may want to check the website.
S. Coast Plaza is 40 miles from Bev Hills, and a straight run on the San Diego if you were thinking about 1 day. I would do the Bev Hills and the Getty on day and So Coast on another. So Coast has so many great stores. Actually much better than Bev Hills which is really for tourists IMO. Boutiques want to be there so they can say NY, BH, Hong Kong etc you get the picture. Hermes may be one of the few places that actually sells anything. Neimans will be at the tail end of their sales, but the spring things will be there.
As far as places to eat around SCP, there are many cafes and restaurants around the mall. Vie de France is good (pastries or sandwiches) or Lawry's for a quick meal.
LOL! ok, ok....I say park in the parking structure on Beverly Dr, its cheaper but close to Hermes, it's just the next block just west and a few stores north.
I agree...two days would be much better than one! One day for the Getty and H BH...a second for H SCP... If you are fortunate, you can drive from H BH to H SCP in 85-90 minutes (my absolute record is 50 minutes...amazing!)...better plan for 1 1/2-2 hours start to finish for the drive. Let me know if you would like to meet for lunch or coffee...