Southern California Road Trip

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  1. I am so envious HG!
  2. Oh, man, I want a Tommy burger, too. We considered them a preventative measure for hangovers. I'm taking a jog down memory lane.
  3. Hi HG!

    For Mexican, you might consider El Cholo. They have a location on Wilshire in Santa Monica. El Cholo Mexican Restaurants

    Tommy's in Westwood I think is still there, In n Out is a little north of it on the corner (used to be a Shell station).

    lvrjrt: the original Tommy's is still my fave! Always go when I'm in LA!

    Go Bruins!
  4. Go Bruins!!!!!
  5. have fun, HG! hope you find something nice at H - BH or SCP!

    oh, and whenever we're in the area - i'd love to stop by woo lae oak and koi. both at la cienega, i think.
  6. la serenata on pico has excellent mexican food.
    shutters on the beach for breakfast on the beach, or the farm in beverly hills (around the block from hermes) for excellent breakfast/bruch (love the huevos rancheros!).
  7. Saw a basketball game at UCLA on Sat. There is an In-An-Out Burger in Westwood now. The rest of the places there Su-k! Go over to Robertson Blvd. Many of the designer spaces are now designer clothing boutiques. More fun than Rodeo, IMO.
  8. I really must re-evaluate my social life (lack of), all these places you ladies mentioned that's in SoCal, I've NEVER even been there ... How sad is that?

  9. El Cholo is a fabulous idea! You know I remember so vividly in college that we always used to argue about whose car would be driven to Tommy's. You could tell for days afterward - even if we didn't eat in the car, just drove the stuff back!
  10. You guys are really jogging back memories for me!!! I had to air out my dorm room after I ate that stuff.
  11. LOL...I had to save this thread so that I know where to go for Mexican the next time I am "stuck" in LA... : )

    Margarita meet-up anyone??? LOL...
  12. robertson, definitely! and 3rd st. behind the beverly center is so great too, so many small boutiques. start off with breakfast at kings and then get to 3rd st. and pop into the different shops.
  13. Pasadena is a beautiful area, too. Lots of restaurants in the Old Town area. Lots of old money birkins languishing in walk-in closets, and perhaps some consignment shops? I'll be in BH the day after Xmas--I'll be on the lookout for a very buff lady with a big birkin!
  14. If you make your way to Robertson Blvd HG, you should visit Michel Richard Patisserie--wonderful raspberry tarts, pate, good for a light lunch as well. Warm Salmon Curry Salad--yummy! The Apple Pan on Pico Blvd across from the Westside Pavillion has good burgers too.

    We used to run to Tommy's from Hilgard--figured we burned enough calories both ways to justify a burger and fries. Either that or Shakeys for those Mojo potatoes--ah, the days of youth when my metabolism was higher!

    Go Bruins! (am doing an 8-clap!)
  15. Didi Reese for those ice cream sandwiches - were $1 then (lonnnng time ago). I believe they're all the way up to $1.25 now!