Southern California Road Trip

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  1. ^^^Free is good.
  2. LOL...Parking at SCP is free... Getty parking is not free...and you get to take a short tram ride... : )
  3. You guys wanna meet for dinner at the Melting Pot?

    Yeah, me and my fondue addiction ...
  4. I don't have any good advise to give you HG because I've only been in that area one time and I was flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak. Have a great time. I'm looking forward to your feedback.
  5. HG, definitely park behind Hermes as Gazoo said, it's free. And you may want to call the Getty beforehand to find out what their parking policy is. It's been four years since I've been there and at the time they required you to call ahead of time to reserve a parking spot...things may have changed since then but it's worth a call before you go. And I agree with GK, South Coast Plaza for one day and Hermes/Getty the other.

    Around the block from Hermes on Little Santa Monica Blvd. is Crustacean; you'll need reservations but the food is decent--New Vietnamese from the famed An Family.

    If you like Nobu in NY you might be interested in Matsuhisa on LaCienega--Nobu's first restaurant in the United States. Menu is similar to Nobu's but not exactly--has a little more traditional Japanese fare on their menu. For hours/reservations, check out Nobu Matsuhisa.

    For good new Tex/Mex--El Torito Grill across from Neiman Marcus on Wilshire Blvd. (about a 10 minute walk from Hermes) is a favorite lunch spot of mine.

    Doughboy's on 3rd in West Hollywood is great for amazing salads and soups. Portobello mushroom salad and steak soup are favorites.
    Doughboys Bakery - Los Angeles, CA, 90048-4309 - Citysearch

    And if you're interested in a visit to your old alma mater--there's now an In-N-Out burger in Westwood!

    Let me know what day you wind up going to Hermes--I just landed in LA today and will be here for a few weeks before heading up north.
  6. HB-
    Parking is definetly free behind Hermes but there is also a bunch of public parking lots in the vicinity who rates are pretty good (at least for LA standards) I usually hit all the stores between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm- and those times seem to work out well, less crowds , better help, act) Also while you are in the area you might as well check out Barneys NY, Neimans, and Saks, there is also Madison on Brighton Way that has amazing shoes, and there is also Fred Segal on Melrose that has all kinds of great stuff. As far as food goes- I go to the Getty at least 2 a month- they have a really great cafe as well as a restaurant that has yummy food and amazing views, if you are in the mood for Sushi there is Koi on L a Cienga, Katana on Sunset (DELICIOUS) and for a drink or maybe a afternoon lunch you should try the CHATEUA MARMONT OR THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL, And if you will be here on Sunday The four Seasons on Doheny as a great BRUNCH. And if you are going to go the Getty center you should also try the Getty Villa in Malibu (Original Getty Museum) and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire. Hope this info helps!!!
  7. No matter what kind of advance planning I seem to engage in, the Getty takes a whole darn day. And gracekelly is right about the thick soled shoes - even with them, I get tired after the first 5 hours or so, especially when I realize how much more there is to see. Is the Icons exhibit still there? It was fabulous!

    Think you could swing three days...?
  8. Depends what day you go, HG, I may be able to meet up! Forgot about the free parking behind Hermes, that may be best :yes:
  9. Orchids is right, the last I was at the Ghetty you had to call in advance about the parking. But it's such a beautiful museum, and you'll love the Garden. But that would be cramming it, I would recommend to give yourself a sufficient amount of time for the Ghetty alone. As far as BH, everytime I'm there it seems packed. But I also go only on the weekends, so I'm pretty sure it's a different story on the weekday. But there are a whole bunch of restaurants in the area, Koi and Matsuhisa (both I would recommend calling for reservations). I know there is also a Sushi Roku right across the street from there. But in general the area where BH mall is gets pretty congested throughout the day.
    SCP is great, it's less congested. They have a great Lawry's Cafe there, and the mall is huge. So definitely give yourself enough time there too, there's actually two sections. But the main part is the best. But they pretty much shoved all the designers in that's my fave. Also if you go to BH you should check out Rodeo. I like the vibe there its all out in the open. But SCP traffic is morning rush and late afternoon, but they d have carpool so if there are at least two of you it's a little faster. Hope this helps and have a great trip.
  10. enjoy Cali HG... must be excited to see family again.. have fun shopping.. hehe.. now, don't buy "too much.."
  11. Thanks for all the advice and recommendations. I actually lived in LA, but it was over 15 years ago. My family says things are different and the traffic is worse than ever. Makes me thankful for the subway over here. I have a hankering for good old Mexican food. There aren't too many good Mexican restaurants in NYC. Would going on the weekend make the traffic lighter?

    Orchids, would you know if Tommy Burger is still standing in Westwood? Just thinking about it is bringing back flashbacks to my nights of underaged drinking resulting in 3 am binges.

    Kou, fondue sounds great! I haven't had fondue in ages. The last time I actually made it myself. My recipe calls for a whole bottle of Sauvignon blanc. We were drunk after 45 minutes of eating.
  12. HG...Hahah...I actually like the Mexican food in Philadelphia and New York better than LA... There are a few decent, but I would not say amazing, Mexican restaurants in LA... Well, if the margaritas are good, you don't notice the food as much...

    Traffic is always a bit unpredictable. Travel from OC to LA is "okay" between 9:30 and noon. Travel from LA to OC is "okay" between 9:30 am and 2:00 pm or so... Thursday is the "worst" traffic day in SoCal. Traffic from LA to OC is a grind any day after 3:30 or so...if I do not leave before 4:00 pm I will wait until 7:30 or so...
  13. looooove in-n-out burger... whenever hubby is in LA visiting our west hollywood home, i try to get him to bring it over on the plane back to new york where we live 90% of the time (he's from LA and refuses to give up the house there... and it's 2 minutes walk from the bev center)... what about the Ivy? withstanding the celeb lookout, the food is actually quite good.
  14. HG--for some reason I don't think Tommy Burger is still there; I tried looking it up (I think it was on Gayley?) and couldn't find it--might have been supplanted by the huge In-N-Out on the corner. Westwood has definitely changed. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is now a chain (& the coffee is no longer as good as it was back when it was family-owned). Traffic in LA is totally hideous now. It's been 4 years since I moved and every time we come back to visit I can't believe how long it takes me to get anywhere, and this is coming from someone who used to drive over an hour each day to get to my office in downtown LA.
  15. If you went to the school on the other side of town (cough,cough), you went to the very first Tommy's on Beverly Blvd west of downtown. There seem to be a ton of choices now!
    -The Original Tommy's