Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

  1. [​IMG]
    This is my newest addition.
    Tripple bangle lock bracelet.
    I got it for xmas.

    Lock necklace

    Heart link necklace

    Return to Tiffanys ring-I lost it the day before x-mas vacation :crybaby:
  2. Just got interested in/got my first Tiffany & Co necklace this Christmas:yahoo: Will definately, definately start a collection hehe..
    This is from their Atlas collection!

  3. thank you, iSpot and tiny cat!
    the open heart necklace is a classic. i will always love it!
    i have to credit my bf with his very good taste. he surprised me last year for our anniversary with the diamond studs. yes, i've trained him well. :p
  4. hmmm thanks to my wonderful BF I have a small but growing collection.. heart toggle necklace and bracelet
    Paloma Picasso tenderness heart ring
    paloma Picasso small circle cufflinks (the BEST womens cufflinks in the world)

    I need some earrings and a new necklace... and of course a 2ct engagement ring!

    ohhh do I love tiffany's!

    ALSO... the ceramic piggybanks make an AMAZING classy baby shower gift. And the playing cards were a great stocking stuffer this year!!!
  5. Oooh I love Tiffany's. You girls all have beautiful collections :smile: I took a photo of mine. It's hard to see though, because I took it in my pink bedroom, so there's a bit of a strange pink glow lol.
    I have:
    - Silver heart tag necklace
    - Silver heart tag bracelet
    - Diamond Horseshoe necklace
    - Paloma Picasso Loving Heart necklace
    - elsa Peretti gold open heart pendent
    - Elsa Peretti open heart ring
    - Elsa Peretti eternal circle necklace
    - Silver beaded necklace
    - Silver beaded bracelet
    - Return to Tiffany necklace
    - Return to Tiffany bracelet
    - Silver heart link bracelet with gold heart
    - Silver heart lariat necklace
    - [​IMG]
  6. ^Love your collection!!! I need to gather all my stuff up and take pics!
  7. I have so many Peretti gold pieces... I'll have to look for all the them and take pictures. I have:

    2 - diamond by the Yard necklaces - different sizes
    5 row wave bracelet and matching ring
    mesh earrings
    mesh earrings with diamond on the end
    band with little diamond ring
    gold bean earrings
    apple necklace in silver
    gold diamond shape necklace
  8. [​IMG]





    Here's my newest additions to the blue drawer! I'm FINALLY posting my Christmas goodies from my DH! I got sterling silver bead earrings, silver and freshwater pearl earrings, and a new purse mirror in silver too! I made OUT this year!

    And in case ya missed my last post with a pic of the blue it is again!

  9. What a happy thread! I love everyone's pieces!
  10. I got my first Tiffany piece this Valentine's!

    Here's it. Round tag Return To Tiffany bracelet. :love:
  11. congrats!
  12. YAY! It's FAB!
  13. Here's what I gots for V-day! It was a total surprise! So sweet!

  14. I'm at work, but I am wearing my newest addition, hope you like it...
    T&Co neck.jpg
  15. I love this pendant.:heart: