Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

  1. Thank you for sharing....and A-T-G I like your idea to store all blue boxes in a drawer and look very pro.
  2. ^ Why thank you dearest! I couldn't bear to part with any of my blue boxes and then thought I'd keep everything organized in their original wrapping (plus it's easy to find that way). It makes me smile every time I open the drawer!
  3. Got my first Tiffany piece for Christmas from BF :yahoo:


  4. hey kiara! I got the same ring from my bf...promise ring!
  5. All my pieces are silver (all were gifts from my parents for various holidays but I bought the heart toggle in 03' for graduation):
    Heart tag bracelet
    Return to Tiffany's round tag bracelet
    1837 Lock bracelet
    Heart toggle necklace
    Return to Tiffany's oval necklace
    1837 lock chain necklace
    1837 lock link necklace
    1837 ring
    Paloma Picasso heart ring

    I can post a picture of them as well if anyone wants, but I think everyone knows what these look like by now :yes:
  6. I have the Heart Toggle Necklace, RTT Circle Tag Bracelet and the RTT Heart Tag Dog Chain. I'm still waiting on my diamond DREAM!!
    Everyone has such lovely stuff!!
  7. my silver collection is pretty much 100% elsa peretti:
    -open heart necklace (my very first piece)
    -teardrop earrings
    -teardrop ring
    -teardrop pendant
    -starfish pendant
    -diamonds-by-the-yard necklace
    -"h" alphabet pendant
    -platinum band with diamond
    -love knot bracelet

    i just figured out how to take better macro pictures on my camera of my beloved diamond studs (from elsa peretti diamonds-by-the-yard) so please indulge me. :p
    oldertiffany.jpg tiffanyopenheart.jpg tiffanystuds.jpg studclose.jpg diamondsbytheyardnecklace.jpg
  8. *jennifer* I love your collection, very tasteful!
  9. *jennifer* I love your Tiffany pieces!

    I have three:

    -Open heart necklace (same as yours *jennifer"!) - this was a gift from my now-husband when I moved to his country to be with him
    -Small silver star of David
    -Large gold star of David (both of these were Bat Mitzvah gifts, long ago!)

    Hoping to collect more soon...

  10. Awesome!

    I love seeing everyones collections :drool:
  11. I don't have pics but I have the heart tag bracelet & hear tag earrings.
  12. Here's the picture :smile:
  13. Very nice stuff! And congrats Kiara on you excellent Christmas gift! I got a few blue boxes under my tree this year and I'll post ya pics of the NEW additions later!

    Love seeing everyone's stuff!
  14. Here's my collection what I can think of, don't really want to look through all the stuff:

    open heart medium necklace
    Cross pendant
    return to tiffany oval tag necklace
    return to tiffany heart toggle necklace
    double heart necklace
    Initial necklace
    bead necklace
    elements necklace
    paloma picasso scribble necklace
    return to tiffany heart tag bracelet
    return to tiffany heart toggle bracelet
    beaded bracelet
    round link bracelet w/heart clasp
    venetian link bracelet
    donut chain bracelet
    1837 ring
    mesh ring
    open heart ring
    double loving heart ring
    1837 bar drop earrings
    bead earrings
    open heart earrings
    Diamond Cross Necklace

    Just off the top of my head, don't really want to go through the drawers!
  15. my camera doesn't do close.
    i have:

    platinum and diamond "streamliner" earrings (no longer on website)
    fabulous. i don't have pierced ears and these, with the post filed off, fit great and are really comfortable.

    diamond solitaire necklace
    heart charm bracelet (silver)

    hand engraved 1837 valet key ring