Show us your Longchamp!

  1. So sweet! :smile:
  2. You look so nice with your Longchamp bags!
    I'm just curious, is the measurement of your "M" Le Pliage 25x25x14 cm (WxHxD)? I'm looking forward to buying one in black, navy, or violet. I'm still not sure which colour. Any recommendation? Thanks a lot! :smile:
  3. Thank you!

    Yes thats the size I have (with long handle).

    Oh what colour, difficult choice indeed, you cant go wrong with black. But I love this color called Bilberry, its a dark purple, I find personally a gorgeous shade, also if you dont want the standard black. :smile:
  4. Here mine!

    Les Pliages family (chocolate "L", black "Shopping", maroon & navy "M" and paper "S")

    The Legendes (black bag and patent wallet)
  5. Ania what a fantastic collection!
  6. Ania, I am your bag twin! :smile: Voila my Legende family... patent wallet, bag and matching "it bag".

    I have also these two Rival bags. Not me in the photos, haha I wish. :roflmfao:
    IMGP3871.JPG IMGP3873.JPG IMGP3878.JPG
  7. here again is kate with my silver Longchamp Rodeo Rival bag
  8. I LOVE the Bilberry color! That'll definitely be my next.. I have the large black with long handles.
  9. balletrusse, thanks for posting pics of your collection. I :love: the Legende.
  10. Shopalot thank you! :biggrin: I love the Chanel in your avatar!

    we are Legende twins! Lol! The 'It bag' is so much fun! I'd really like one of those... Your Rivals are gorgeous too! The silver in particular :biggrin:
  11. Lot's of lovely bags ladies! :graucho:

    Here's my collection so far (have a few more that are coming via post :yahoo:)


    Rodéo Luxe in Aubergine (2008)
    Veau Foulonné sac porté main in light blue (2008?)
    Quadrille Hobo in Black (2007)
    Le Pliage 'M' short handle in Seafoam (2004)
    Le Pliage backpack in slate blue (2003)
    Galatée wallet in black (2007)
    Roseau Croc hobo in grey (2008?)
    Le Pliage hobo in light blue and patent leather handles (2004)
    Printed by Me Company for Longchamp Hobo (2006)
    Silver leather in snake motif (no idea of the name- pre 2005)
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    Hooray, I got a Longchamp Planetes from my mom on monday and am so happy with it. It is pre-owned and sadly neglected by my mom :sad:
    Longchamp is the best for poppy colors. I'm ordering a Custom Le Cabas Clutch this weekend (takes about 3 weeks to arrive) and I'm getting a large Le Pliage at the airport next week (hooray for tax free shopping :smile:


  13. Wow...some amazing Longchamp collections out there in TPF land!

    I do think the tweed and camo pliage versions are both fantastic. And I guess the Sergent and Colonel styles from last season will be just as "collectable" in years to come.
  14. Oh I love the Sergent Colonel styles! I really should have gotten one...
  15. I was almost tempted to buy one myself Ania! Not to use myself, but just to have. I'm not that much of a metrosexual guy to try to carry off the pliage look ^_^