Show us your Longchamp!

  1. Oh, wow...I'm in San Francisco, too!

    I had no idea they were having a sale this week. Or are you talking about a previous year's Mother's Day?
  2. It was this past week and I think it ended on Mother's Day. The sale was only for the vintage line. It was online as well. If you really like the vintage bag you can call Jenny in SF and see if she might be able to honor the sale price.

    I also got a beautiful clutch (not on sale) that I will post later!

    Good luck! M
  3. me with my longchamp at pussycat dolls concert
  4. I just ordered an orange Le Pliage large tote! I really wanted something light for a trip to London this summer. I feel guilty for spending, but I'm so excited too!!!
  5. I have just got back from France where I bought 3 pliages (should I say 4 - I gave one to my sister-in-law for her birthday). I got a large graphite, medium beige/taupe and a small crimson. I haven't used them yet but I LOVE them.

    I also was amazed by the all-leather bags - they are lovely. Haven't ever seen them in Australia (well, Perth anyway). There were also some lovely speedy-styles in navy/blue and some new gorgeous pliages in all sorts of rainbow colours.

    I think they are great, stylish and practical. OK, so maybe not high designer end but for travel, work and just an easy going bag, you can't go wrong.
  6. [​IMG]

  7. I have a large "shopping" tote in chocolate, but am planning a custom order soon! Love your combo Doreen, I want to incoporate the cyclamen (pink) color into mine also...
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    My Mom with her beige Le Pliage and me with my green Le Pliage shopping bag
    P1210079.jpg P1210076.jpg P1210073.JPG
  9. I did a search but couldn't find a thread for photos of Longchamp bags.

    Since we've been chatting about the Le Pliage lately, I thought I'd take some family photos of mine.

    1. The whole family. The small handbag is size 1 on the Custom Le Pliage site; it's bilberry with a royal blue stripe. The largest bag in the back (royal blue with a pale blue stripe) is size 4 on the Custom Le Pliage site (it's the perfect size to hold a birkin).


    2. My custom Le Pliage Hot Pink and Royal Blue set.

    lepliagepink.jpg longchamp_all1.jpg
  10. Gorgeous Collection....Perfect for Traveling! Especially With the H!!!! :smile:
  11. Beautiful custom pieces doreenjoy!! Me and my friends are also longchamp are a couple of pictures of my bags and my friend's bags....


    From the front, the color starts from graphite, lilac, red and khaki. Graphite is the documents bag, red and lilac (belongs to my friend) is the le pliage long handles medium sized, and the khaki is in the large size.


    Here I am holding the *A4 bag without a zip* (not sure about the name) in chocolate, and on the other hand is the khaki le pliage in large size. For reference purposes, I'm 177cm tall...might look short here...haha
  12. Oh, doreenjoy, forgot to ask, is the size 4 that you ordered with the longer handles on the longchamp site the same size as the size L?
  13. doreenjoy: could you take a modelling pic with the size 4 custom bag? I tried the custom function with colors I fancy, but was wondering how the biggest size with long handles looks in real life

    here is my Kiwi Large Shopper
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    ^ doreen, we already have a long one that I started... i think you posted there too already with same photo?

    EDIT: thank you for merging swanky!
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    The sizes on the custom site are a little different than the sizes in the stores.

    The size 4 is closer to the XL in the stores -- it's much wider than the L.

    Thanks for posting your kiwi!

    I'll try to take a modeling pic tonight. The size 4 is really really wide, but I like it for winter because when I go into a mall or other indoor place for a long time, I put my coat, hat, scarf and gloves into the bag and it's easier to carry, plus I never lose a glove.