Show us your latest find from's mine!- PICS inside!

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    So I have been keeping myself I have so many of these bags and really come can I keep buying the same bag over and over....except they really aren't the same bag. Each one is just so exceptional. But...I had sworn off....then COREY and DUSKIN had this opening of their boutique in Santa Fe and we go again.
    I went to the opening and was so impressed that this 5th avenue looking purse boutique had landed like some UFO in this quaint little town in the middle of New Mexico....except then I flashed on Roswell and it made sense.
    So I will post pictures...pretty soon.

    I miss this forum and you guys
  2. I'm missing you around maxxout, and look what happened, you even managed to buy another bag without hanging out with us!

    And please, I would love to see pictures of Corey's new store. Please post some pictures.

  3. Whaaaaaaaat?!?! .. a store???? I think a trip to Santa Fe is needed!!!
  4. A photo of the interior flashes on their website! :yes:
  5. I agree.
  6. I have one small image and am waiting to get more, but here is the one from her site. I need to contact Vlad about double posting. It is one of the reasons why I haven't been posting much. I use Mac and photoshop and all my images double post :sad:

    It would be so much fun to have a Santa Fe meet-up....the hot air balloons are already flying but the real event is Oct...first week.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. This is a really high-class store! Congratulations, Corey!
    Maxxout, thank you for the picture :smile:.
  9. Very nice!! Did not know Corey has an actual shop ;)
  10. This looks great! Thanks for posting. Have been excited to hear/see more ever since she mentioned it to me.
  11. Great picture, thank you.

    Kiwi, I think she opened the store only very recently.
  12. i didn't knew about this website. thank you...
  13. Ahh I see! Thanks D for clarifying that lol don't you just want to go visit one day? I know I would ;)
  14. Corey just had the opening last week but I think the store opened to the public about a month ago. It really is great to be able to see the bags...although I have never been disappointed getting bags from her online. They always seem better than the picture.

    So, here are a few pics from that opening last week.
    corey_at_reception.jpg customer_service.jpg outside_the_botique.jpg
  15. Waiting on a 2002 Fall/Winter Black Flat Brass Hobo from RDC! Always wanted one of these. Will post pics when it arrives. Would love to see the new store one day.