Show us your latest find from's mine!- PICS inside!

  1. Can i join?
  2. Corey looks GREAT, as do the bags! gorgeous store. and OH - i spy my seafoam ring handle bag on the top shelf!! i miss that beauty...
  3. INDEED .. it's one of the things that I love most about the high desert; DRY air!!! Don't mind the dry heat, it's the humidity that is killing me (especially as I get older). No mosquitos at night .. count me in!!! I also remember that at that high altitude, one needs to be mindful of the alcohol! The first time I went out to New Mexico was on a business trip where our host was the State of NM. They took us out to dinner and we had a few pitchers of Sangria; needless to say .. all us "gringos" were a hurtin' group the next day :roflmfao:!!! I love the food in New Mexico .. I love everything there! I really think I must have lived there in a previous life; I really do love it there very much .. just wish I could work out there!
  4. Thanks for sharing these pics maxxout, corey's store looks really great, corey herself as well. :smile: Would love to visit the store one day too.
  5. Yes, New Mexico weather is great...but particularly northern NM. And the altitude cuts way down on the drink bill.
    Gee....loving it so's a shame that you can't move there. So, you can't work there? Can you otherwise transplant yourself with your work?
  6. Hi Del!
    Yes, her store is way up-scale and she did spiff up for the night. I've never seen her with this long hair down. She loves bags so much so it's fun to go in and talk bags with her. Would be great if you made it to Santa Fe one of these times. Maybe a meet-up will get started there.
  7. Lilac Shrug!Gorgeous
  8. Of course, you don't have to ask! Wouldn't it be amazing to have a Santa fe meet?!!! Then a road trip in our bal motos. :biggrin:
  9. It'd be fun to get together there with tpfers. I was in Santa Fe years ago and really liked it there. Will definitely go back there some day.
  10. WHO GOT THE MYSTERY GREEN CITY???!?!?! I literally got there 3 minutes after it was posted in the finds section and it was gone.

  11. Hahaha, saira - I was just about to post the same thing!! Here in Perth, Western Australia, we suffer losing out on a lot of gorgeous things because of the time difference between here and New Mexico. If it was a TPFer who snagged this gem, I can't wait to see their reveal shots.
  12. OMG I missed it too :crybaby:
    I got there 10 minutes after getting the email and it was gone :sad:

  13. Oh French, I thought it was you. Sorry you missed out. maxxout maybe? Or does she already have mystery green?
  14. aww, i thought for sure it would be you.
  15. maxxout has one....hmm, i wonder who it could be? that went quickly!