1. Do you know what those black stones are made of?
  2. It is rose gold. This is the “small model” according to H. I believe the large model would be the double ring, which looks quite different.

    Thank you!!!
  3. They are probably black diamonds.
  4. Wow. That would be cool.
  5. Does anyone know the price for the finesse pendant?? I am in love with it but couldn’t find any information regarding the price ?

    Thank you in advance ladies
  6. Congratulations on finding it, it's perfect.
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  7. Does anyone have info on the kelly bracelet in the front? I heard it's crystals not diamonds so I am wondering how much it would cost.
  8. Interesting, has H done any pieces with crystals before? I can't recall any. If I had to speculate I would guess it would be somewhere between the cost of a partial pave and full pave Kelly bracelet. If those were diamonds, at that size, it'd be a million dollars easily. :lol:
  9. It also appears to be articulated all the way around. It’s very interesting. I look forward to finding out the details. Thanks for posting!! :flowers:
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  10. Does anyone have any pics of the ronde bracelet worn with a clic clac? I would love to see how they look stacked together. Tia!
  11. Finally joining the Hermes Fine Jewelry Club with my new Punk Ring! orca-image-1528000294274.jpg_1528000294366.jpeg orca-image-1527974893101.jpg_1527974893218.jpeg
  12. New punk rings too.. Hard to capture good photos... IMAG8314.jpg
  13. Pretty! You are wearing the WG and RG Chaine d’Ancre punk rings with diamonds? I like how you mixed these!
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  14. Personally, I would question the provenance of the picture, unless it came directly from Hermes. For the past 10-20 years for fine jewelry, they use 18K and real precious or semi precious stones. I do not believe that they would dilute the value of the CDC bracelet by using crystals in an 18K casing. If it was a diamond CDC with those size diamonds, it would be showcased by itself. So in my view, something’s fishy.
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  15. Asked my SA - she confirmed that the kelly bangle in front are not crystals but real diamonds. Very very expensive.

    The kelly bangle behind it is paved with black coloured ammolite(?) i think.