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  1. To clarify: this thread is for Hermès GOLD only.

    For anything on Hermes silver please post here:

    If a newbie or someone accidentally posts on silver and you'd like to send words of admiration or answer a question, please don't answer here but wait till their post is moved to the Ode to Silver thread.

  2. A little late but finally got my hands on this filet d’or ring in Chicago.
    I have been eyeing this ring for a long time but could not get it in Toronto. Somehow the world wide search for this ring got cancelled and I’ve been chasing after this for a while. View attachment 4064777
  3. +1
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  4. The teeniest, tiniest little rose gold Chaine D'Ancre studs-- their backs are as big as they are! :amuse:
    View attachment 4071989
  5. Love how this looks on your index finger!
  6. Thank you!
  7. Hi all. Quick question. I just received the gorgeous diamond Constance Amulette necklace from my SA but it is super short for me, coming in under 16". UGH. Does H ever extend necklaces the way Van Cleef does? I am trying hard not to have to return it because it is so so pretty.
  8. I had the same issue once on another Hermes pendant. I was told it would need to be sent to Paris in order to extend it, which could take a few months. I did not end up extending it as I just bought another longer chain I could use for all my future Hermes pendants. I am sure your SA would be able to extend it for you.
  9. Oh this would be good. I don't mind waiting. ANd I like the chain it's on. I will contact my SA and ask her to do so...
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  11. Like this bracelet
  12. is this yellow or rose gold? and is this the small version or larger? thanks!
  13. love this!
  14. Can't wait to see more!!! Love this!
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  15. Looks absolutely fab on you!
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  16. I have had my eye on the ronde diamond ring. Does anyone have this and if so, would you please share photos?